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E.W. Jackson’s STAND: Courageous and Long Overdue …

Where would America be if her Church communities had stayed silent during our Founding Era? Historical fact verifies the church played a central role in supporting our Revolutionary effort. And in the overthrow of America’s “peculiar institution”, ie, chattel slavery. And in the Civil Rights movement.

Looks like it’s time for the American Church to get to work ushering in a fresh, cultural and political revolution in these United States — a seismic return to our Judeo-Christian roots, to the ideals that made our nation great, to respect for life and for the traditional family, to a dissatisfaction with anything short of honorable leaders, men and women of honed character.

Surely, none of this will happen if Christian people, and Christian public figures, play religious games rather than addressing biblical principles to every part of society — including the political.

Which brings us to the intrepid Bishop E. W. Jackson …

Bishop E.W. Jackson has studiously avoided involving STAND’s “Exodus Now” movement with any explicit endorsement of Mitt Romney or opposition to President Barack Obama.

Nonetheless, speculation is growing that his movement could make a significant impact on the election as black Christians respond to his call to leave the Democratic Party, and not vote for Democratic candidates because the party is in “rank rebellion against God.”

Jackson has called the Democratic Party “anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-family and anti-life.”

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive among Christians, black and white,” says Jackson, who says he has received emails from black ministers all over the country indicating that they will not vote for the Democratic ticket because the party has deeply offended them, particularly by making same-sex marriage part of its platform.

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