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Obama to Teleprompter: I’m All Out of Love. I’m So Lost Without You.

“Look, people say, Obama was off his game. This is his game. If you take away a prompter, this is his game. He’ll occasionally give a great speech, but if you look at him in his news conferences, which where you don’t have a prompter and the president has more control, he gets to ask to decide who the questioner is and he gets to decide how long he talks, and what parts of an answer he’ll give, he never does well. So this is who he is. I think people — he’s intelligent, but he isn’t half as intelligent as he thinks he is and as most of his acolytes who, you know, have treated him in a messianic way for a half decade or so think he is,” syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about President Obama’s performance at last night’s debate.


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