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The Heck With The Joneses

I’m going to be short and sweet this week (relatively speaking based on a grading curve of my previous writings).

We always hear about the national debt and the out of control spending of our elected officials but in reality it starts with us individually. Let’s look at our own households first and start making a change from there. The heck with the Joneses. Stop trying to keep up with them.

We elect people that can’t handle their own finances but then expect them to be able to handle our tax dollars.

Here are three great websites that have helped me try to stay focused and on track over the last several years. Check them out. Study their resources. Trust me, it will make an impact on your life.

Also here’s a link to an SNL skit gives a quick overview. Of course each of these organizations go much more in depth.

Image: The Money Changer and His Wife; artist: Marinus van Reymerswale (circa 1490/1495–1546?); Current location: Alte Pinakothek; public domain.

Todd W. Reed

Todd W. Reed is a Californian transplanted to Georgia and a small business owner - frustrated that he sees GA becoming like the CA he fled. He is involved with the Tea Party and ran for a GA House Seat last year; missed the run off by 40 something votes.