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A Manchurian Goes Riyadh: Smoke, Mirrors, Mirage

The re-election of Barack Obama surprised many of us, showing us entirely incorrect in predicting his defeat. Perhaps we placed too much hope in Mitt Romney. Certainly we misjudged the anti-Obama fervor.  Perhaps we invested too much confidence in electoral trends and polls observed since 2009.  And maybe our faith in The People was belief in a mirage.

Many people found it difficult to believe Americans would enthrone an unknown in 2008.  When Obama emerged on the national stage, very little was known about him.  As he first denied his intention to run for the presidency, saying he was not qualified, and later, when he declared his campaign a go, nothing more was learned about his credentials, his qualifications, his beliefs or his real objectives.

The long trail of saying one thing and doing the opposite had started. People just didn’t seem to notice, or if they did, they didn’t care.   One dare not point out duplicity for fear of being branded racist with the scarlet R.

Throughout the 2008 campaign, little was learned or revealed about the man, but questions mounted, no thanks to the mainstream media.  The People were largely caught up in the glitz and the glamour, hypnotized by “first black president” romanticism, all launched and fueled by irrational anger venting over George Bush.  Even as Obama took the oath, most Americans could not articulate a sense of the man: his past, his present, or his plan for the future.

After all, the less known about the Manchurian candidate, the better.  In this case, he would become the Riyadh candidate. Obama’s Maoist communications director Anita Dunn bragged they controlled the media, a media monolith happy to cover Obama’s tracks and lay the ground work for his globalist ambitions, “work” they continue to this day.  And again, the majority of people just don’t seem to care that the 4th estate is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the administration.

Many observers saw Obama’s 2008 election an indictment of voters.  How could so many people give all that power to a completely unqualified unknown?  It was nonsense.  Had the voters become brainwashed after decades of leftist indoctrination in public education?  Were they war weary and driven by fear?  Did they simply get swept up in all the hype?  Or had they become uneducated, unthinking drones interested only in handouts and slogans?  Did they no longer care about liberty and what it requires?

In any case it was clear Obama had at least one outstanding talent: he knew very well how to manipulate both the people and the media, and, the vast resources at this command gave him access to enormous power. 

We have now seen how he wields that power: with the hammer, and the sickle.  His socialist agenda is clear.  His globalist vision and his Islamic sympathies are real.  And still, voters don’t see these things as anti-American.   ObamaCare is primarily a stepping stone to complete government takeover.  Obama and his friends, notably Barney Frank, have said as much.  Finance reform is simply another way to usher in the age of complete government domination providing unlimited bailouts to corporations that cooperate, and contribute, to the correct campaigns.   The list goes on, from other takeovers of private industry, to cap and trade, gun control, ceding more and more sovereignty to the United Nations, and so on, the agenda is clear:  American must be diminished so that global governance can emerge.

Many believe rightly the economic deprivations are intentional, another way to reduce American power and influence so as to level the playing field for the global players.  What better way to nullify the influence of American power than by economic decline resulting in a much smaller American military?

Those of us who saw the Tea Party and related movements as a force for hope in the effort to restore American sovereignty have been deeply disappointed by Obama’s re-election.  It appears true that, demographically, the traditional American is dying off and the world citizen is taking over, the composite of a globalist/ socialist/ environmentalist/atheist.

We should not be surprised, nor can we submit.

This effort to “join the community of nations” started with President Wilson early in the last century.  Combined with the anti-Christ communist conspiracy, the movement has always been a potent force directed at the destruction of American sovereignty, a sovereignty reliant upon faith, liberty and economic freedom.  The communists have always held globalist ambitions, and the fall of the Soviet empire did not change that ambition.

Today, the renewed global conquest vision brought by authoritative Islam provides the communist movement a strange, and useful bedfellow, hence the strong alliance between Russia and Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and others.  Russian cooperation with terror has been a fact of life for decades.

Those of us who misread the trends and the temperature of the voters must now admit that Americans are not so concerned with liberty and economic freedom as they are with their own personal, short-term comforts and the pursuit of a mirage, the utopian dream of peace on earth thanks to the benevolence of man.

Analysts can talk all day about the Hispanic vote, women voters, lackluster Republicans, turnout, so-called evangelicals voting for an abortionist, even the accusation of voter fraud and corrupt campaign financing.  But the bottom line is: 52% of the people in this country no longer know what it means to be an American, and worse, they don’t care.  Instead, they are willing to give all power to a select few, placing all their faith in that small group of anti-American ideologues.

History is a harsh teacher.  Whenever that kind of power is vested in a few egomaniacs with global ambitions, it always leads to death and destruction on a massive scale. 

Hundreds of missiles landing in Israel these days is a foreshadow of much worse to come. The tragedy is Americans had a chance to turn it around on November 6th.  Instead we retreated and voted our own appetites, our own self-interest, and our own narrow vision of utopia, a false dream promoted by the false prophet, a man who showed his real heart watching Americans murdered in Benghazi, in real time, and he did nothing. Their cries for help were ringing in his ears, and he refused to send aid, then lied to us about the entire tragedy, over and over, for weeks.

Do you really believe your welfare is more important than his ideology, his personal and political ambition?

Image: courtesy of: Ewan Shiels; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.