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A Protestant, a Catholic, and a Jew Walk into a Polling Place …

There we were, amid the muck and the gore of the battlefield last Tuesday. Chaos swirling around us, the heat of the past four years of battles, culminating in this one decisive clash, as the two sides each strove to gain the upper hand. We had made great strides over the past few weeks. Once the object of scornful derision, our host had struck mighty blow after mighty blow against the Obama juggernaut and was consistently building momentum. The fear from the Obama tents was palpable, as the Romney rebellion gained steam and traction.

Finally, the time had come for us to finish it. The strategic framework was in place, the ground game was fully operational, and the public support was stirring. Mitt Romney turned towards his reserve forces, grabbed a standard from its fallen bearer, and waved to signal the reserve cavalry. Then he waved again. And again. And just as the Scottish nobles did to William Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk, Mitt’s cavalry turned and rode away when they could have struck the decisive blow in the penultimate struggle.

Now you might say, “Mitt Romney is no William Wallace” and I would have to agree with you. But the point remains. The support which he courted, by reassuring Catholics, Jews, and Christians that he would fight for and respect their religious rights, turned tail and fled. While Mitt was never the inspirational freedom fighter that William Wallace was (a broadsword might have helped), he was the man standing up to fight against the hordes of statist succubae enslaving our land. And like Wallace, he had no reason to suspect that his allies were not on board. None of us did.

As the numbers from Election Day 2012 continue to be crunched, a stupefying picture is emerging. The very people whose beliefs and liberties have been assaulted throughout the past four years decided to lend their support to the person doing the assaulting.

We’ve now learned that approximately 52% of Catholic voters cast their ballots for the President who has started a war against the Catholic Church. Catholic adoption agencies and charities have been forced to close their doors and shutter their services in order to avoid complying with federal and state mandates to place children with same-sex couples. In 2013, Catholic employers will be forced to provide birth control and abortifacient-drugs in their health insurance offerings or pay millions of dollars in fines. Will they follow the path of the adoption agencies? The church has been told that private beliefs must remain that, private. And yet the people in the pew continue to support the man behind this assault.

It gets no better in other denominations, according to a Pew Forum exit-poll study, a full 42% of all Protestants (which includes evangelical Christians) voted for Obama. Despite the fact that the President has demonstrated his dangerous disdain for the nation of Israel and his nonchalance about the safety of the Israeli people, 69% of Jews voted for him. So what gives? Lords Mornay and Lochlan got their 30 pieces of silver for their betrayal of Wallace. What did these cowards receive for their vote last Tuesday?

In a word: salve. They received a social and emotional salve for their conscience. They were able to feel good about voting for the man who is going to make things “fair” for everyone. They didn’t have to support a man who was realistic about what it will take to get this country back on track to prosperity and liberty. That man doesn’t care about “fairness”; he cares about responsibility and liberty. And those aren’t comfortable concepts. So thousands and thousands of Catholics, Christians, and Jews cast their votes for a man who despises their worldview and is actively working to limit their liberties. It’s a bit like sitting on Death Row and arguing that the executioner’s axe is simply too sharp and that this whole “appeals process” seems to be a big waste of time.

Only in a culture with as much logical laxity as ours would such a situation even be tenable. It goes beyond Lenin’s “useful idiots” because the idiots in this case seem to be aware of the duplicity and they’ve made their choice. They would prefer feeling socially “enlightened” to taking a stand on the foundation of what they claim to believe.

On one hand, it is understandable. It’s damn near impossible to take a stand if you don’t have a spine.

“A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it.” – JRR Tolkien

Luke Hamilton

Luke Hamilton is classically-trained, Shakespearean actor from Eugene, Oregon who happens to be a liberty-loving, right-wing, Christian constitutionalist. When not penning columns for, Hamilton spends his time astride the Illinois-Wisconsin border, leading bands of liberty-starved citizens from the progressive gulags of Illinois to [relative] freedom. Hamilton is the creative mind/voice behind Pillar & Cloud Productions, a budding production company which resides at He owes all to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whose strength is perfected in his weakness.

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