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A Warning — and Some Hope — from a Disaster of Unimaginable Magnitude

Judson Phillips brings some trenchant analysis of last night’s electoral catastrophe. A stern lesson, a note of encouragement to press on.

Election night in America was not an election it was a disaster. It was a disaster of unspeakable proportions. The disaster goes beyond the simple facts of what he will do in a second term. Now he is a lame duck who no longer has to worry about reelection.

What caused this disaster on election night and what must we do about it?

Calling last night’s results a disaster is putting a positive spin on the events. Not since the First Great Depression has a sitting President been reelected with such a dismal economy.

The biggest disaster will be a second Obama term. The second biggest disaster was the fact that he won last night and the Democrats managed to not only keep the Senate but depending on the outcome of a couple of races, they might actually pick up seats.

This year, the Democrats were defending 23 seats against only 10 for the Republicans. Several Democrats had retired rather than face the voters. Just on the law of averages, the Republicans should have picked up three or four seats.

Instead, people across America got to watch the Republican Party implode.

The only good news was that the GOP retained its control of the House of Representatives.

There are some lessons to be learned from this disaster. The first lesson is, no more moderate Republican candidates. Mitt Romney now joins the long list of moderate Republicans who line up right next to General George Custer. Romney lost. McCain lost, George W. Bush barely won and set the stage for Obama. Bob Dole lost. The only reason George H.W. Bush won a single term was because he was Ronald Reagan’s Vice President. When he ran on his own as a moderate, he gave us Bill Clinton.

We conservatives have to say this time; we will not support a moderate again. Our desire to remove Barack Obama and the Party of Treason was so strong that we jumped on board the Romney train. The Republican establishment correctly assumed that if it could get Romney nominated, we would have no choice but to fall in line.

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Image: Washington at the Battle of Trenton. Engraving by Illman Brothers from painting by E.L. Henry; 1870;;public domain/copyright expired.