Written by Allan Erickson on November 5, 2012

Every now and then as things develop it’s necessary to cut political connections between one group and another, and, for good cause, establish separate operations according to the laws of Nature and God.  Good manners require the initiating party explain the reasons for declaring independence.

First, some background about what we believe and how those beliefs require us to exact severance.

It is obvious that every person is created equal, including babies still preparing to enter the world. All human beings are precious, sacred, created by a loving God. This God endows each one of us with ironclad, inseparable human rights, to name a few, the right to Life, Liberty and the opportunity to work toward Happiness in this world, always understood to mean the right to own private property and to live our lives free of government domination.

Government exists to secure all Rights provided by God. Government can only do its job if it first gets permission from The People.  Government is therefore placed under the control of The People and exists to serve the interests of The People.  The traditional values of the majority of The People, dearly held for millennia, make up the foundational moral code of society, and government, if rightly securing the rights of The People, will respect that foundational code.

When any government begins to run rough shod over The People, or when government behaves in a way that contradicts the will of The People, or when government actually infringes the rights of The People, then The People have an overriding Right and Duty to change their government and make it behave, or, failing that, they have a Right to abolish that abusive government and craft a replacement as they see fit. 

Simply put: in America we do not suffer tyrants.

Obviously, the wise will not run about recklessly demanding government be abolished on a whim or for shallow, temporal reasons. Historically, most people would rather endure government abuse hoping matters change as opposed to engaging the very painful and dangerous work of revolution.

However, when abusive government refuses to change, refuses to listen to The Will of The People, and indeed, when such government insists on escalating its abuses against The People, demonstrating a clear intention of moving toward central control, even Despotism, then it is not only the Right of The People but their Duty to throw off such a government and appoint others devoted to serve as protectors of liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness.

For decades, and especially since 2006, the American people have suffered patiently under the increasingly dictatorial rule of government officials and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., officials who have abused their authority, trampling upon the rights and liberties of The People. 

So grievous have these abuses become, especially in the last four years, The People have concluded the usurpations of the federal government exceed those of the King of Great Britain during the 18th century, abuses and deprivations causing the issuance of the first American Declaration of Independence, sparking the American Revolution.

The injuries inflicted upon The People of these sovereign United States by elitist politicians in Washington, and by the current occupant of the White House, are so numerous and so outrageous as to warrant a recounting of their history, demonstrating the clear intention of this government to exert complete control over most aspects of American life, to the destruction of our Constitution, our freedoms and our God-given rights.

Let the facts speak for themselves.  This President and his allies have:

Fraudulently installed a national healthcare system — another step toward total government control — against The Will of the People, on its face an example of illegal wealth redistribution, exacting the largest tax increases in history without the consent of those being taxed, going so far as to force individuals to purchase insurance, a clear violation of the Constitution, even insisting government control all medical decisions from cradle to grave, regardless of the best medical advice available. This healthcare package places a bureaucrat between doctor and patient, invades our privacy, destroys liberty, bankrupts the country, and violates conscience by forcing people to pay taxes in support of state-sponsored abortion, forcing citizens to fund the murder of babies. It rations care, increases costs, limits access, puts seniors at risk and puts more burdens on The People and on private industry to the great disadvantage of an economy still in deep recession.  It amounts to another unfunded entitlement which will—in the near term—add as much as $2 Trillion to our already unsustainable $15 Trillion debt.

Bullied the Supreme Court in attempts to force the Justices to submit to the Executive involving healthcare legislation. 

Squandered the nation’s resources creating insurmountable debt and bankrupting the country, leaving our posterity with little hope of economic recovery, for decades, perhaps forever. Making matters worse, in their efforts to ‘fundamentally transform America,’ public officials in the Senate and the White House have refused to enact the most basic common sense measures to avoid economic catastrophe.

Allowed weapons to be sent to criminals in Mexico, allegedly a law enforcement operation so poorly managed as to result in the loss of most of those weapons, and worse, the loss of life: two U.S. agents, and at least 300 Mexican citizens.  When Congress sought an explanation on behalf of the families of those slain, and on behalf of the American people, this President and his Attorney General denied access to relevant documents and lied to Congress, resulting in a vote of contempt.  Investigations proceed focused on the allegation this Fast & Furious operation was actually a subversive method of provoking gun violence in order to forward the President’s gun control agenda, an agenda he promotes through the U.N. this year, hoping to install certain gun control measures globally by stealth.

Funded terrorism via grants to Palestinians in Gaza.

Funded terrorism via bank bailouts funneled to Sharia compliant institutions.

Advanced the Muslim Brotherhood and funded it in Egypt by throwing President Mubarak under the bus.

Denounced Israel, and capitulated to the Chinese and the Russians.

Failed to stop Iranian nuclear ambitions.

Funded global warming initiatives to the detriment of the U.S. by granting money without conditions to the United Nations.

Provoked investigations into national security leaks alleged to have originated in the White House to gain political advantage, leaks that weakened national defense, hindered our military operations, and put intelligence operatives at risk.

Offered amnesty to illegal aliens by executive order as if Congress is irrelevant, the act of a king, not a President.

Arbitrarily and unilaterally removed the work requirement from welfare reform law enacted during the Clinton administration.

Installed so-called finance reform that effectively concentrated more unconstitutional power in the federal government, giving that government virtually unlimited bailout authority and control over financial institutions.  This, in addition to other power plays allowing the government to take over private industries in other sectors without any authority whatsoever.

Mismanaged government control of half of the residential mortgage industry, in itself unconstitutional, causing the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression, all in the name of redistributing wealth by fraudulently providing homeownership to unqualified buyers.

Failed to adequately provide for the national defense by releasing secret Justice Department documents advising the CIA on intelligence gathering, acting against the combined advice of several former CIA directors, and in so doing, seriously damaged the ability of the United States to provide for the common defense, effectively helping our enemies in their efforts to attack us at home, thus demoralizing our military and intelligence professionals.

Enacted an administrative measure allowing American taxpayer funds to be spent overseas in the provisioning of abortions, completely contrary to The Will of The People. Pushing abortion on demand contrary to The Will of the People, even endorsing the murderous and heinous practice of partial birth abortion, the killing of full term babies, and the most cruel and heartless practice of isolating babies who survive abortion, allowing them to die alone, in the dark, without mercy.

Promoted detentions based only on suspicion of future, potential criminal activity, contrary to the rule of law, due process, and the presumption of innocence.

Created a two-tiered justice system insisting the federal government can decide to try suspects in civilian or military court depending on the most likely place to achieve convictions, a gross interference with due process and the right to a fair trial by one’s peers, another example of the executive branch abusing power.

Argued for more surveillance of private citizens without a warrant, insisting complete government immunity from prosecution.

Expanded the use of drone surveillance within the United States.

Declared the EPA a lead agency to begin enacting provisions of Cap ‘n Trade legislation without such legislation being passed by Congress, effectively using the EPA for executive action outside the provisions of the Constitution, including attendant taxation, without representation.

Ignored the 10th Amendment at every turn, seeking to punish states whenever they are perceived acting contrary to federal will, examples: Arizona’s immigration law and various states attempting to insure legitimate elections by confirming voters are legally qualified.

Advocated the homosexual agenda, again, against The Will of the Majority, advancing homosexual marriage and adoption, and the arbitrary policy shift to normalize homosexual marriage in the military, an obvious detriment to military readiness, another weakening of our ability to provide for the common defense, a violation of the Presidential oath.

Refused to defend in court settled law in the Defense of Marriage Act, arbitrarily declaring DOMA unconstitutional, an move usurping the powers and responsibilities of the Supreme Court, another violation of the Constitution, and the oath of office.

Vowed to override the Supreme Court on the matter of free speech and campaign finance involving unions and corporations, even using the State of the Union Address to essentially declare war on the Justices.

Accepted campaign contributions from foreign sources over the internet in violation of the law, thus corrupting the American electoral process.

Ignored border security and reduced funding intended to secure the southern border.

Ignored the matter of illegal immigration except to attempt to exploit the crisis for political advantage.

Engaged several world tours to apologize for America, bowing to foreign tyrants, accommodating enemies of the United States, denigrating friends and allies, damaging foreign relations and rendering foreign policy impotent.

Appointed any number of extra-constitutional executive czars working to effect substantial change in society without the consent of The People, the Congress, or the Courts, as in the case of appointing a homosexual activist to promote homosexuality in the public schools, going so far as to encourage normalization of aberrant behavior even in the minds of young children, all to the exclusion of parental involvement and consent.

Aggravated racial tensions and promoted class warfare by pitting one group against another, or demonizing one group while praising another, throughout debates on numerous issues, especially those issues having to do with equal opportunity, taxation and federal expenditures, all to the detriment of civilized debate and orderly problem-solving, all for the sole purpose of promoting narrow ideological agendas, primarily the acquisition of more power.

Denied our Judeo-Christian heritage, proclaiming we are an emerging Muslim nation, working in various ways to deny Christians their civil rights.

Went to war in Libya without the consent of Congress, without any strategic purpose, with no perceivable national security interest, all contrary to the U.S. Constitution, putting our military under the authority of foreign interests, acting on behalf of the Arab League.  Such action was deemed unconstitutional by many members of Congress, resulting in articles of impeachment being filed in the House.

Neglected domestic energy development having everything to do with national security and economic recovery.

Systematically sought to infringe 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, an administration acting as a branch of the ACLU. Time and again The People have sought redress through free and reasonable expression. Over and over through letters, emails, phone calls and petitions, The People have asked the federal government to balance the books, clear the debt, and get out of the way so The People can accomplish economic revival.

Time and again The People have been ignored. 

And when The People began protesting in the streets three years ago, government officials, including this President, denigrated those good citizens, calling them racists, hate mongers, tea baggers, tools of corporations, puppets of partisans.  Even when those good people voted in November 2010, sending a clear “STOP” message to the President and Congress, those good people were either maligned or ignored.

The character of a President and a Congress is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, and, they are, therefore, unfit to be rulers of free people.

We The People, therefore, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world, solemnly declare our full intention, by any rightful means available, to remove from office all those politicians and office holders who have been complicit in the above delineated offenses, and to severe ourselves from them, refusing to recognize their authority. We declare, by the Rights afforded us by our Creator, that we are Absolved from all Allegiance to the present abusive and lawless regime in the Executive Branch and in the U.S. Senate.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Image: Idealized depiction of principal authors of the Declaration of Independence; courtesy of US Capitol; public domain.

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.