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Election 2012: Requiem For A Republic

Yesterday, America drove a stake through its own heart at the ballot box.  The longest running experiment in self-determination has finally begun its death spiral.  There will be throes for some time to come, as a shrinking remnant of patriots who truly understand the principles of individual responsibility, fiscal prudence and self-restraint in the interest of the common good continue to propagate a message that nobody is listening to any more. 

Tuesday’s vote was a referendum on what Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt aptly termed “the Achilles heel of a democracy”, namely that politicians can tax those who oppose them and give that money to those who support them.  This is forced income redistribution not done from any motive of fairness or “leveling the playing field” for the less fortunate as the president likes to intone, but rather as a naked and ugly consolidation of power by which politicians entrench themselves and their cronies. 

Our experiment has finally failed because the critical common denominator of an educated voting populace no longer exists.  It has been replaced by selfish, ignorant masses who exclusively vote their own narrow interests with nary a consideration to any sense of greater beneficence.  Our politicians have gotten very sophisticated at manipulating entire groups of people by catering to their specific interests (ethnic, sexual, fiscal, professional), namely because we have taught them to. 

We are witnessing the end of the mighty middle class that burgeoned in the years following WWII.  From here on we will only have two classes – the uber rich upper class who will always have enough money to buy political favor, and the entitlement/dependent class, which most of the rest of us will be forced to join by the cascading effect of government fiscal policies and doled-out health care.

We will observe the end of any racial harmony, as each ethnicity will elect representatives who only guard their interests.  Watching Tyler Perry respond when asked by Piers Morgan if he thought it was “healthy” that over 97% of black Americans voted for Obama in the last election was a very telling moment.  Morgan was subtly referring to ballot box racism, and Perry’s incredible mental gyrations to avoid acknowledging the elephant in the room (actually a donkey, but let’s not nitpick) was a ringing confirmation of Morgan’s point.  We are soon to be the Divided States of America, polarized into enclaves of special interest.

As a result of this election, the end of traditional marriage is in sight.  This president will have the opportunity to tilt the Supreme Court further to the left, and a liberal supreme court will sustain and promote gay “rights” at the expense of everyone else’s rights.  The states will see their sovereignty erode as the high court issues edicts and flexes federal power.  It is only a matter of time before gay marriage becomes a national standard, and the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco becomes the launching pad for even more legislation promoting moral depravity.

Gun control will also be back on the table.  Liberal victories in the Senate and White House, along with a liberal Supreme Court will mean that the only firewall against confiscation will be the House.  Does anyone think that House politicians are a sufficient bulwark against those who seek to gut the 2nd Amendment?  Just look at the exorbitant ammunition tax being proposed in Chicago, if you don’t think there’s an active campaign working around the 2nd Amendment to undermine it.  Gun ownership is essentially the last best means by which to protect one’s home and family from crime.  While it is also a protection against tyranny, very few Americans understand or believe this.  Again, the institutionalized ignorance propagated by our hijacked education system has produced generations of functional idiots as voters.

We are likely witnessing the end of true freedom of religion as well.  President Obama was vehemently rebuffed by Catholics and other religious groups over the provision in the ObamaCare bill that mandates inclusion of contraceptives in employer insurance coverage.  The president backed off verbally, but changed nothing in the bill and instead offered more empty promises.  He has shown remarkable arrogance and intractability in his stances.  The open-mike comment to Russian Premier Medvedev about contacting him (Obama) after the election when he would have greater freedom to do as he pleases is an ominous harbinger. 

Christianity has been under assault for the last twenty years.  We have watched our voices be increasingly curtailed by hate-speech laws and intolerance litigation.  Other faiths who project moral standards into the public marketplace will also feel the tightening grip of government on their tongues.  As the Church goes the way of the voters and chooses the path of expedience through compromise and accommodation, it ceases to be the Bride of Christ and more closely resembles the Bride of Frankenstein.  When Republicans look just like Democrats, the Democrats win out.  When the Church chooses to look just like the world, it has completely lost its purpose for being.

Our country’s dependence on foreign energy will certainly continue.  The president has declared open war on the coal industry, which provides 42% of American electricity.  The next nearest source is natural gas, at 25%.  What is going to replace coal after the president legislates or taxes the industry out of existence?  His pet alternatives of biofuels, geothermal, solar and wind only produce 5% of the total need combined, according to the U.S. Energy Department’s website.  He has ignored and sandbagged the oil industry’s requests for new drilling permits, and we all know how the Keystone Pipeline project died to union pressures.

The result of this week’s elections will be permanent.  This president and his cohorts are going to take us places we have never been.  They will brazenly overpower those in their path, because there is nothing to stop them anymore.  Government will eventually control every detail of our lives, all because a majority of citizens voted to become wards of the nanny state.  Nanny has proven time and again that she will gladly rule with broader authority and power.

A majority of we the people have elected a government that reflects our new values.  We have abdicated our responsibility to choose what is best and exchanged it for what is expedient.  The foundations of our republic cannot sustain such a shift of purpose.  Sadly, the inherent weakness in our system of governance is that it couldn’t survive its own citizens. 

Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation's Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America's future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.