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Full Of Crap Alert: Reporter to Carney: ‘Utterly Bizarre’ That Obama Learned Of Petreaus Scandal After Election

White House Press Briefing 11/13

JONATHAN KARL, ABC NEWS: Jay, this investigation has been going on for months. How is it that the White House didn’t have any idea of this until after the day after election, and congress a few days later.
CARNEY: Well, I would refer you to the FBI. They have, as I understand it, protocols in place for when they notify the legislative and executive branches of investigations. And it’s simply a fact that the White House was not aware of the situation regarding General Petreaus until Wednesday and the situation regarding General Allen until Friday. So, the FBI is the place to go in terms of an explanation of the protocols they follow.
But I understand that is the answer that they will give, that is the protocols that they follow, that govern how they inform the various branches of government  of these kinds of investigations.
KARL: But you do you understand how people would find this utterly bizarre? The day after election? And the anger that you are hearing on Capitol Hill that this was going on, at least the timing, the appearance.
CARNEY: All I can tell you is when the White House was informed. I would let the relevant members of Congress explain to you how and when they were informed.  My understanding is that there are protocols that the FBI follows with regards to these kinds of notifications and I would refer you to the FBI and the Department of Justice for an explanation of those protocols.


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