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New Civility Alert: Obama Backers Threaten Riots If Obama Loses.

A few weeks ago, Twitchy reported on Twitter users threatening to riot if President Obama loses to GOP rival Mitt Romney. With four days to go until Election Day, we decided this is a topic worth revisiting.  The results of our Twitter searches are not pretty:


If Romney win , me obama and 2 chainz going to start a riot and shoot his ass !—
TriciaM’fcknShell (@TattooedPretty) November 02, 2012

If Obama lose it’s going to be the biggest riot in history… Beacause, I’m going to start it!

If Romney were to win, I feel like ppl are gonna riot the streets..

yup, thas me. RT @BanitaApplebumm: If Romney were to win, I feel like ppl are gonna riot the streets..

I Swear If Romney Win Imma Start A Mothafuckin Riot—
JayBabyyyy (@JayBae813) November 02, 2012

If Romney win we should start a riot—
IG: @Perfectly_Badd_ (@Perfectly_Badd_) November 02, 2012

If Obama don’t win it’s gone be a riot.

If I drive all the way to the city to vote Tuesday & Obama doesn’t win! Imma start a riot! 

RIOT! Ima start a riot! * @2chainz voice* RT @RealShaddyLo: If Mitt Romney win idk what I’m gonna do

If Romney wins the election, imma start a riot like Spike Lee in Do The Right Thing

Lets face it u vote for obama were fucked u vote for mitt romney were super fucked lets all riot.. #butseriously
★†₤∅F†★ (@TLoft1_MTOE) November 02, 2012

I was given the heads up last night that it mayyyy be smart to stay in during Election Day because if Romney wins niggas might start a riot

@_KissesFrmBrezy Romney win = RIOT

Or both “@RAYandNITE: If Romney win, its either going be a recount or a riot”

If mitt romney wins I’m starting a fuckin riot—
Narcissistic. (@Rachettastic) November 02, 2012

If Romney wins , Ima start a fuccn Riot .

If Mitt Romney wins, nighas gon riot like when Dr. King died. It’s gon be a sight to see.—
F R A N K L I N (@ChangeMy_Name) November 02, 2012