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Obamamerica: Media, etc. Don’t Seem to be Bothered — But I Am!

I keep asking myself: Why do I care?

Soon I’ll be 74 years old. Who knows how long I have left. I’ve had a good life . . . a challenging life . . . a productive life. I’ve accomplished much and should feel good about it. I have a great family. I am secure. My needs are met. I require no handouts. I pay my own way. I should feel good – be happy – be satisfied – but for some reason, I am dissatisfied about the state of our country, economy, political system; about its direction.

Most of all – I’m disturbed that the de facto Fabian communists/socialists/radical-leftists have again seized control of our government and are using other people’s money and wealth to augment their careers and their political comfort and power.

When I think that 1% of our population pays over 40% of the taxes, while virtually 50% pay almost nothing – I am outraged. I feel violated. To think that people who do not work – who do not contribute to the economy and/or to the well-being of others – are able to require people who do contribute to pay not only for their needs but also their wants and expectations – this is simply not right! It may even be immoral. To put a government gun to the heads of workers and producers, to steal their earnings and wealth – is simply immoral; simply legalized governments theft.

So why do I care? Why am I outraged when I see people being interviewed on the street who have absolutely no understanding or knowledge of how the economy, the government, etc. works – and no knowledge of the qualifications of those they are actually voting for? It’s amazing – it’s irrational – that people so uninformed can vote for someone because he’s charismatic, cool, hip, articulate, and promises all kinds of free goodies. This simply isn’t right – and it bothers me . . . a lot!

It clearly DOESN’T bother most of the media. Obama’s gross deceptions and distortions went unchallenged by the mainstream media — giving the impression that Obama’s deceptions and smear tactics  were credible, when they often were not.  Obama won in 2008 and 2012 because of media negligence and bias in favor of de facto Socialism, the entitlement society, and big authoritarian governance. 

Romney and his campaign also failed to properly challenge the distortions and smears of Obama and his campaign.  The result is four more years of schoolboy “leadership from behind” – and dismal prospects for our children and their children.  The American-Way may be finished by this media failure.      

The mainstream media needs to step-up to its leadership responsibility and objectively report the news without bias and/or manipulation.   

It’s possible when history finally is objectively written about the Obama presidency, its failure to create an environment that encourages job creation and entrepreneurialism will be seen as its primary failing. Obama’s preoccupation with redistribution has usurped the nation’s traditional preoccupation with productivity, invention, and the work ethic.

There is no question that America is in relative decline. Trinkets have replaced worthwhile innovation, hard work, and wealth creation with Americans spend more time enjoying their toys than in ages past. And Pres. Obama and his de facto Marxist/Socialist administrative colleagues have fostered this atmosphere of government provided entitlements – to enhance their political careers and their luxurious lives.

Anyone but me bothered by this?

Seriously, how could the American people possibly want such a “European-style” way of life – when the American lifestyle is so superior? Clearly we are heading in that direction – but I don’t think many people realize the significance or care.
I think the Democrats are simply willing to bribe our voters with lots of goodies paid for with tax payer money, borrowed money and printed money. Power and career comforts, prestige, etc. are their motivating force.

The arrows in the Dems’ quiver are “smear and fear”, “divide and conquer”, the race card, the gender card, envy, hatred, and their stream of promises . And the Republicans haven’t figured out how to cope with these basic appeals.  

The American Founders feared democracy for the above reasons. That’s why they never considered it. That’s why they created our government as a Republic.  That’s why they established a system with separated powers.

So what have we done? We’ve moved more and more in the direction of a direct democracy. We’ve put more and more power in the hands of the chief executive. We’ve turned the election process into a high school popularity contest. We’ve talked up socialistic ideals and values in the media and in our educational institutions, while trashing capitalism and competition. We’ve also allowed hundreds of thousands of legal and illegal immigrants, with no allegiance to free-market capitalism, freedom, self-reliance, etc. to populate our cities and states. And we’ve allowed secularism to overpower traditional Judeo-Christian values.

Anyone care?

I hate to say it, but without a really severe recession that bankrupts our nation, I’m afraid the current downward slide is unstoppable. I fear for my children and grandchildren – but then perhaps they’ll never know the difference.

I hope I’m wrong here. And I hope those who agree with me are wrong as well. Maybe we’re just a bunch of kooks complaining that things aren’t the way they used to be!

Still … I’m bothered by all of the above.

How about you?

William Pauwels

William A. Pauwels, Sr. was born in Jackson Michigan to a Belgian, immigrant, entrepreneurial family. Bill is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and served in executive and/or leadership positions at Thomson Industries, Inc., Dow Corning, Loctite and Sherwin-Williams. He is currently CIO of Pauwels Private Investment Practice. He's been commenting on matters political/economic/philosophical since 1980.