Pigskin Pundit: NFL Week 11

Published on November 14, 2012

by Clash Daily’s Pigskin Pundit

I’m 10-3-1 for the week.  Is there anything more useless in today’s NFL than a tie?  These warriors do their game prep all week, encase themselves in physical and mental padding on Sunday, go at each other in battle on the field for sixty minutes of bruising blood and sweat combat, and come away with …. a tie?  Perhaps dueling pistols at 40 paces to settle the matter …. When Pete Rozelle has teams playing for ties, I guess he’s realized his ultimate dream of parity.  My picks leave me at 87-43-1 for the season, or holding at 67%.

The level of mediocrity across the league right now is obscuring the playoff picture.  This is unusual for being eleven weeks into the season.  There are only two teams that appear to be playoff shoe-ins.  The Texans would have to implode to not make it, as would the Falcons.  The Bears were there until Cutler sustained another injury.  They aren’t the same threat without him (see last season).  Teams in the hunt and playing solid are the Ravens, Steelers, Packers, and Broncos.  Teams likely to get there because their divisions stink are the fading Giants, the 49ers, the Patriots and the Seahawks.  Everybody else is a huge question mark.

Here are the picks for Week Eleven.

Dolphins @ Bills – Buffalo won’t blow this one at home.  They know they’re better than their record, and want to prove it to their loyal, long-suffering fans.  Bills.

Packers @ Lions – Green Bay’s special of the week is Lion meat.  The Packers are hitting their stride, and Detroit is hitting bottom.  Again.

Cardinals @ Falcons – Red Birds flap, raptors snap.  Falcons.

Buccaneers @ Panthers – Every week Carolina is a threat to break out a win, but Tampa’s pirates of the Caribbean have a new weapon, and he’s proving to be deadly.  Yo ho!  Jolly Rogers for the win.

Browns @ Cowboys – Cleveland does Dallas.  They will probably prove tougher to dispatch than Dallas thinks, after the way they pushed NY to the wall at home.  Cowboys, barely.

Eagles @ Redskins – Welcome to the Concussion Bowl!  In a battle of addled QB’s, I’m giving the edge to the Griffmeister.  The Eagle has landed …. maybe for good.

Jets @ Rams – Let’s face it — the Rams are better than the Jets.  If they don’t play like the Lambs, this one is theirs for the taking.  Von Ryan’s Express heads home empty-handed.

Bengals @ Chiefs – I don’t like either team, but the Bengals are better and coming off a big win against the Jints.  Give ‘em the edge here.  KC gets barbequed at home.

Jaguars @ Texans – Have I picked the Jags even once this season?  Not picking them this week either.

Saints @ Raiders – A team on the rise meets a team on the decline.  Saints big.
Chargers @ Broncos – Peyton knows he has to keep his cleat on San Diego’s neck, and he will. 

Colts @ Patriots – The reviving Colts are in second place behind powerhouse Houston.  Andrew has brought them Luck and a renewed sense of possibility.  The Patriots are plagued with a horrible secondary that is killing this otherwise solid team.  When it takes a last-second mistake by Fitzpatrick to prevent a Buffalo win at home, you aren’t a serious playoff contender.  I still like the Pats in this one, but the outcome is by no means certain.

Ravens @ Steelers – The Steelers are doing what an experienced team does; finding ways to win.  They have climbed back into the playoff picture, and this game will determine who dominates their division.  I have got to go with Pittsburgh at home.

Bears @ 49ers – Concussion Bowl II.  Will replacement QB Campbell and the Bears make soup out of the Niners, or will replacement QB Copernicus be stellar for the Gold Diggers?  I’ll take Da Bears … and fellas, this is a no-tie engagement.  Please.

Enjoy the games, and thanks again to you, Veterans….for everything.

-Pigskin Pundit