The End of a Scandalous and Uncivil Presidency

Written by David Hiatt on November 5, 2012

This may be premature but I shall jump the gun with a big prayer and hope this Nation wakes up Wednesday morning with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan winning the election by electorates and popular votes. I am so sick and tired of watching an administration that believes it is above the law and they are untouchable.  Hopefully, reality hits this entire administration like a grand piano falling out of a fifty story building possibly breaking the fall of the piano. I would hate to see such a wonderful instrument damaged. 

President Obama came into office claiming he would be a civilized unifier of the people with transparency.  This administration has been anything but all the promises made through wonderfully delivered speeches.  I must give him credit where credit is due.  He does a magnificent job reading deceiving lines off a teleprompter while smiling at the same time.   I would have never thought a community organizer could be so talented.

In the past four years we have been hit with one bombshell after another that has put this country on a great divide and a landslide deficit.  The socialists agenda of Obamacare was pushed through behind the transparent doors in the White House with a reconciliatory vote.  Of course, we know that the majority of America’s citizens were highly opposed to such an idea, but with the taxpayer’s money Obama bought the votes and shoved it through. This bill was challenged with allegations of it being unconstitutional.  Thanks to John Roberts, we know the outcome of that event.

Then we have “Fast and Furious”, a plan that I believe was originally an effort to put a national ban on firearms.  Did this one ever backfire.  Someone in the administration gave permission to The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to run guns to our beloved Drug Cartels across our southern border.  This resulted in the death of a United States Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, and more than likely an unaccountable number of many more lives.  Will we ever see the truth exposed on this cover-up?

In the past three years, Christine Lakatos has been endlessly researching the “Green Energy Scandal”.  Her findings were cited at the in an article titled, “As many as fifty Obama-backed green energy companies bankrupt or troubled”.  This scandal has been funneling billions of taxpayer dollars into companies that show no future promise.  General Motors, now known to some as Government Motors, isn’t the only place mega-bucks have been poorly invested at the taxpayer’s loss.  Optimistically, we will see some heads roll on this cover-up in upcoming hearings.

Most recently, we have the sickening Benghazi attack which left US Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, dead along with two US Marines and a civilian.   The “Coward in Chief” had the ability to give permission to save lives in this situation and he chose to sit on his hands.  WHY?  What could he be covering up?  Any human in their right mind that would have a chance to save four lives by just giving an order, American or not, would accept that responsibility in a heartbeat.  President Obama, that piano is getting very close to making contact!

These are just the scandals and cover-ups of which we have been made aware that have created civil unrest. How many are lurking in the closets and basement of the White House that have yet to be exposed?  

Next to Jimmy Carter’s presidency, these past four years have been the most disgusting and frustrating four years of my life in regards to “The President of the United States”. Obama had a dishonorable reputation before his presidency with his actions and connections.  Now he can leave this Presidency with an even longer list of failures to add to his resume.  The problem is, “We the People” will be paying for America’s biggest mistake in US history for years to come.

David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.