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Video: Clint Eastwood Mocks Obama’s Crappy Presidency, Again.

Sean Hannity sits down with the Oscar winning actor to talk about the 2012 presidential election and his key endorsement of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Plus, check out a special sneak peek of the interview below.

Eastwood told Hannity what he really thought about the presidential debates. Speaking about President Obama’s performance during the second debate, Eastwood said, “When you start overreacting too, that’s usually a good sign that you’re overselling the point. If you’re really satisfied with your position on something, you just say ‘hey,’ you just very calmly present something. But if you get in a tizzy over it, then all of a sudden you go, ‘Okay, I’m suspicious here.’ Maybe that’s just a cynical side, but I just, I’ve seen it too often in life.”