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Demoblicans, Republocrats … a Rat is a Rat No Matter the Name.

by Mike Rowley
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

417px--Don't_Feed_Rats.-_-_NARA_-_514141The election is past, America has chosen its path, and the rats have regained control of our political system. No, I’m not talking about just Democrats, or just Republicans, but both. They have become one and the same. Married. Joined at the hip. Twins from another mother. Two eggs in … OK, enough, you get the idea.

My personal awakening came November 5, as I waited to brief the 30 or so volunteers who would work and observe at the polls Election Day. Everyone was anxious to get going knowing our group had done all we could to be non-partisan and well trained in observing the election process here in Franklin County, Ohio.

Our group had been required to obtain signatures from five candidates on the local ballot in order to be appointed by the Board of Elections as Observers. The requisite signatures, two Democrats, two Republicans, and one Independent, were submitted to the Franklin County BOE on October 1st. We received appointments for the Early/In-Person Absentee process which ran from early October through November 5th. We also submitted a listing of specific precincts each person would be assigned based on a statistical analysis of the 2008 election using voter turnout, large percentage of voters for either party, and votes cast to optimize our resources. Then the rats took over.

November 5th, 4:04pm, four minutes past the deadline to file amended observation forms, we were notified by Dana Walch, Deputy Director of the Board of Elections, that our appointments for Election Day were invalidated. Apparently, candidates from both parties had withdrawn their signatures … in early October! One candidate later admitted she was threatened by the State Republican Party with a lawsuit if she continued association with us. A Democratic candidate was threatened to have their campaign financing withheld. A liberal blogger had posted online that we had forged signatures. The state Democratic party literally cut and pasted the blog onto a press release Election Day without fact checking, thereby taking ownership of this extremist blog.

The political chess match continued until all the pieces were removed. The Board of Elections meeting held November 5th included someone who testified that we had trained our volunteers to violate Ohio law, interfere with voters, and that we had intentionally targeted “black precincts”. At no time were we informed of any of the candidate withdrawals, or given a chance to respond to the accusations. No other organization had gone to the lengths we had to be non-partisan, unbiased, and adequately trained in proper observation duties and Ohio law. The vermin ruled.

The lesson? Our political system in this country has been overrun by like minded bureaucrats dressed in blue and red rat attire toying with the American people. We have allowed this to happen. We watched as the game played out, our apathy is now our undoing. The “two” party system has been allowed to gain absolute power over the election process in many states. That power will not be relinquished or even debated seriously by the “two” parties. Why would they? We the People have given them exactly what they wanted, absolute rule over our destiny.

While the two parties have melded into one, our nation has not been more divided since the Civil War. I believe even Abe Lincoln would shutter at what we have become. For over 100 years our government made strides to bring this nation together as one people regardless of race, religion, national origin, now they have succeeded in dividing us along those same lines. That is the goal of a single party government. The division of the populace into as few factions as possible in order to support and control the majority faction gives government carte-blanche over policy. The rhetoric of fear espoused by the “opposing” side is the tool of division.

Many have spoken of creating a new political party. That would be fruitless. The stranglehold on the nominating, endorsement, and electoral process, not to mention the Statehouse control of those laws, is monopolized by the two existing parties. What we need is to re-establish the Republican Party, for the Republic, and throw all the rats back into the sewers.

Image: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration; public domain

knappingphotoweb (1)Michael Rowley and his beautiful wife of 31 years, Denise, have three fantastic children and three wonderfully ornery grandsons who surely “Feminists will Hate”. His Love for God, family, and this great Nation have led Mike to write several pieces on the Founding Fathers true belief in God and the necessity of faith to properly govern a nation. Join him on Facebook at