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An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Rush_Limbaugh_at_CPAC_(2009)A sincere tribute is essential; it is inarguable that Mr. Limbaugh’s fathering of Conservative talk radio is the best thing that has ever happened for thinking Americans everywhere. He has given a voice to the voiceless. No article could be long enough to sufficiently praise him.

Mr. Limbaugh has attracted unwarranted, ceaseless rage from the Left since he began broadcasting his clear, Conservative message. The attacks are unmistakably targeted. Aggression perpetrated by those who have never understood or even necessarily listened to a word Mr. Limbaugh has said. Reflection, on such liberals’ part, is contrary to their purposes. It is, in fact, detrimental to their methodology. Labels are less demanding than reason. Liberal strategy does not rely on proof, logic, fact or truth. It requires only zealous conviction.

Liberal dogma is largely unopposed and is habitually abetted by nearly every public outlet. This would include federally elected officials on both sides of the aisle. It has, therefore, come to pass that just because a liberal says so, makes it true. Never-ending repetition of cant is all that is necessary for their success. And such assaults have intensified during the past four years.

Mr. Limbaugh, by his own, repetitive statements, seems to have deduced only half of the problem. Democrats hijacked education and public services almost a century ago ( The dumbing-down of America, the suppression of America’s Constitution, the erosion of family structure, religious freedom and citizens’ rights, ever-increasing dependence on welfare, the welcoming of, indeed, governmental preference for foreign “invaders” over American citizenry is premeditated; it has become “the new norm”. Our nation, at the risk of offending, doesn’t have “low information” voters. We have deliberately manufactured ignoramuses who value gossip about the Kardashians over their own liberty. Mr. Limbaugh gets all that.

What he claims not to understand is why Beltway Republicans “don’t yet get” what they are up against with our Imperial presidency. If he is serious, Mr. Limbaugh needs a wake up call.

Americans have worked overtime for Conservative candidates; but these candidates turn into RINO’s very quickly and almost uniformly. Mr. Limbaugh says he doesn’t “get” why such Republicans are, apparently, “clueless”. Consider the results of the last election. Not the presidency. Mr. Limbaugh, Congress’s only interest is in their own benefit; they prove it with every vote. Oh, they “get” it, all right. Republicans and Republican pundits spin things to persuade us that we, the constituency, don’t “get” it. The president is granted everything he wants by Congress. This requires the complicity of our hugely Republican House. When the president doesn’t get what he wants, a rare occurrence, he bypasses Congress … and no one stops him. There are just two, possible reasons for this:

1) Elected officials are too dim-witted to understand what they are doing, in which case, they are unqualified to serve, or:
2) Elected officials are only interested in keeping their noses in the feeding trough and having a
safe, government billet t… in which case, they lied to us and are unqualified to serve.

Republican electees have become comfortable in the number two slot. This, I fear, is what Mr. Limbaugh and other Conservatives with microphones won’t say. Who (among a shocking number of others) voted for the current rise in taxation? Conservative, fiscal warrior, Congressman Paul Ryan. Our recent vice presidential candidate, in an unthinkable, 180 degree departure from Conservative principle. Who voted for Speaker Boehner’s first, widely-disparaged, fiscal-cliff solution? Recently-jettisoned, Conservative Republican Congressman Allen West. More? No insistence on a budget. Speaker Boehner’s purge of Conservatives from Congressional committee positions. Betrayal has been rewarded; Mr. Boehner has just been reelected Speaker of The House. By Republicans.

Conservatives have been doing our own jobs (those that still have jobs) as well as campaigning for, contributing to and electing federal officials to do their jobs. The problem is they don’t do what they were elected to do. Congress is not bound by the constraints the rest of America must live under. Conservative Americans are growing cynical. And impatient.

There is a limit, more limited daily, to what can be done by the hoi polloi. Measures taken by Republicans in federal office are calculated, not clueless. They aren’t any more inadvertent than The Lyin’ King’s actions. Mr. Limbaugh should recognize this … and say so.

Image: Rush Limbaugh, 2009; source: Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Laubbaum using CommonsHelper; author:Jeick at en.wikipedia; public domain

Marilyn Assenheim

Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.