New York: FEMA Helps Nightclubs But Not Churches

Written by Andres Ortiz on February 20, 2013

New York- FEMA Helps Nightclubs But Not ChurchesIn New York City, churches remain closed after Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the town this past October. But other establishments such as nightclubs, adult stores, and bars have opened their doors once again thanks largely to Uncle Sam and his grants. Unfortunately for churches, they do not qualify for taxpayer assistance, presumably because they are nonprofit. Ministries like St. George Malankara Orthodox Church Of India in New Dorp, Staten Island, are having their grant requests answered with a clear “no” by FEMA and instead being offered loans. Meanwhile, zoos, museums, theaters, and libraries are qualified to receive money from the government.

Of course, the New York Times cites the “constitutional separation of church and state” and how it “generally” prohibits the use of government money towards the building of worship centers. The ACLU is also holding the government accountable to see if they will shell out cash to the very ministries that have sought to help people in the wake of Sandy.

Do you think the government should help churches rebuild after Hurricane Sandy?

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