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Republican Saviors: The Jury is Still Out

800px-John_Harvey-Mayall_-_Heroes_of_the_sea_to_the_rescueWe can all be sure that Marco Rubio is a rising star in the Republican Party, but I am sure I am not the only one with reservations. It has become apparent to this writer that Republicans are bound and determined to accept pseudo-conservatives as our new leaders.

I would love nothing more than to love Rubio. He is smart, articulate and a fresh young face. This however doesn’t overshadow his major weakness, immigration. Rubio isn’t alone in this weakness, as it has become the topic of the day. Republican’s are becoming more and more weak on immigration in the name of courting votes.

This personally makes me sick. I cannot allow myself to capitulate to these RINOs that pontificate to me about our new demographics. This is why I can’t get behind Rubio and I will not allow myself to be dazzled by this savior business. Has anyone stopped to wonder why Time Magazine would crown Rubio the “savior” of the Republican Party?

Recently Rubio spoke about his ideas on immigration reform and divulged that he recently heard from, and took some advice from, his mother. In this advice his mother referred to illegal immigrants as “the poor things.” I understand that these men and women are disadvantaged and that it is a travesty, however it is no excuse for us to bend our own laws in order to help them or pander for their votes.

In the same interview Rubio speaks of the “human element” that our laws don’t take into account. He talks about how these people immigrated here with little more than hope of a better life. However, he leaves out the fact that they immigrated here illegally, jumping ahead of all those who hold the same hope but wanted to start their new lives off the honest and legal way. So I have a hard time looking at Senator Rubio as the new face of our party.

However Rubio is not alone. Conservatives also have a lot of heartburn where Chris Christie is concerned. Christie is another Republican who is worshiped by the more moderate sector of the GOP. Governor Christie is soft on another issue that is at the core of Conservative thinking. Chris Christie recently slammed the National Rifle Association for it’s ad calling President Obama a hypocrite for sending his kids to a school with armed guards. Christie is also wavering on whether or not he will speak at an upcoming second amendment rally in his home state.

Both Rubio and Christie are putting themselves on the wrong side of the issues that our party holds closest to its heart. Scarier still is that it is striking a chord with many so called Republicans. I can’t remember a time where a rising star in the GOP would openly say he was okay with people illegally entering our country or that he wasn’t sure he wanted to speak at a second amendment rally. Seeing these developments makes me realize more and more that I unfortunately don’t identify with the GOP anymore. I guess I am just a man without a party.

Mark Mayberry

Mark Mayberry lives in Tennessee and is pursuing a Law Degree. He hopes to work in politics and law after graduating. He is also a staff writer at and is the operator of Mark is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time hunting and fishing as well as with his family. You can reach Mark on Facebook and Twitter as well as his website