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‘Too Complex’ – Boy Scout Board Sets Sail on Rudderless Ship

511px-Last_Voyage_Of_Henry_Hudson“After careful consideration and extensive dialogue within the Scouting family, along with comments from those outside the organization, the volunteer officers of the Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board concluded that due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy.”  – Excerpt from the Executive Decision of the Boy Scouts of America

“To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.”  – Confucius

“So we asked our babysitter not to watch Glee, Modern Family, and The New Normal in front of our children, but she refuses to listen and on top of it, she invites her gay friends over while she’s babysitting. My wife asked me if I thought we should look for a new sitter. I told her that I’d pray about it and let her know in May; the issue is just too complex to decide flippantly. She called her small group to pray about it; I think they started a petition.” – The Parson

Well, well, well. The guardians of the Scout’s Honor have decided that the decision is “too complex” to decide now, so they’ve kicked the can down the road until May.

Too complex? Man on man sex? Sodomy? Hunky Jesus, Gay Pride, Leather week, STD’s, substance abuse, shorter lifespans, physical abuse, emotional trauma and a suicide rate that is through the roof — all too complex to decide if we should introduce the gay deathstyle to our pre-pubescent sons?  An open door with a come-as-you-are invitation to pederasts and the Boy Scouts of America are confused and left pondering.

To those who still hold out hope for the Boy Scouts of America to “do the right thing;” THEY’VE ALREADY DONE THE WRONG THING! Surely this is obvious to men of honor. Who among you would allow any one of those board members, who can’t decide if sodomy is wrong, then go on to call the decision “too complex,” to even babysit your child for half an hour? And these are the men who will guide the organization that would teach our children to live morally upright, clean and reverent lives? Do you really want Dan Savage and Kevin Jennings tying knots with your cub scout?  (Sorry for that punintentional mind picture). How about Harvey Fierstein’s fireside chats?

Why is it that we’ve heard from the two BSA members who are pro-sodomy but haven’t heard from any of the others who support morality? The alphabet clan is shouting sexual anarchy from the rooftops, yet those that support morality are hiding under their desks. If you were on that board, would you be incognito? Would you retain any respect for someone who held the right standard but wouldn’t defend it or even support it in public? A reader to my latest column on the Boy Scouts (read here) quoted Solomon in regard to the board’s silence, “Like a muddied spring or a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.”

And what is the “family values” response to the board playing footsie with big rainbow? To cringe, kvetch and kowtow. The confusion of the Boy Scout’s board isn’t nearly as baffling as the confusion of their supporters who are still groveling to Herod. Sorry, you can count me out. I’m not signing a petition just because the Scouts signed their own death warrant. This is not how men of honor respond to homosexual bullies. I’m not praying for Caiaphas or Pharaoh. Oh, I’ll pray, but I’ll be praying for all those wayward brothers and sisters who haven’t mustered the brass to see this for what it is – a blanket party starring the mob who pounded on Lot’s door.

Someone needs to tell the board of the BSA that it doesn’t take a village or the Village People to raise a child. It takes a family, and the family and others like it will raise the village. It would be nice to have an organization, in loco parenti, which shares your values and would complement healthy child-rearing. The Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts used to do that. The Girl Scouts sold out to Planned Parenthood and liberal feminists, years ago, and now the Boy Scouts are on the verge of following suit. I have a pretty good idea that the pederasts, who would rush in through the outdoor to become scout leaders, would have a whole other idea about “child rearing.”

I understand that there are some Scout supporters out there who view the Scouts like they view their spouse or their country. When it is right it is to be celebrated and when wrong to be corrected; but the Scouts are not my wife or my nation and I’d be just as furious with AWANA or YOUTH FOR CHRIST or any other organization that would choose expediency over principle. We’ve seen this story play out in the Methodist, Presbyterian and Episcopal churches; we’ve seen it spoil the YOUNG MEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. These have become stains, waterless clouds and in the case of the YMCA, a virtual gay bathhouse. To the squidgy Christian who uses prayer as a cover for apathy and petitions as a “feel good, I did something” alibi: it’s time to put the dorsal fin back on the Ichthys and start living a life worthy of the blood of Christ. God did not raise you up from a “pits of hell” destiny to live a pusillanimous, chum bucket existence. Cowboy up!

Now, it’s pretty clear how this will play out; you see the Board has kicked this to the full committee, so instead of a few dozen people deciding the issue it will be about 1400. Strategically this is in our favor and I expect them to fend off the homo-fascists for this round but make no mistake, they’ll be back. Just as universal healthcare and gays in the military were defeated under Clinton and forced through under Obama; evil doesn’t take a sabbatical. They will regroup. They will seek to recruit more gay friendly board members and they will continually undermine the BSA like termites do to a wood house.

If you love the Scouts, the battle won’t be won in May, it will just be getting started. The only path to reconciliation is to openly rebuke the gay scout/scoutmaster policy and to vigorously pursue the cleansing of the board and the purging of the two bullies. If that means losing AT&T, Ernst & Young and a few other sponsors, if it means losing millions of dollars; are not the sanctity of the Boy Scouts and the well-being of our children worth the sacrifice?

If you’re a board member and you can’t at least offer that, then Gandhi and I would suggest you take a bath with a one way ticket; you know, the old Roman way –

“To run away from danger, instead of facing it, is to deny one’s faith in man and God, even one’s own self. It were better for one to drown oneself than live to declare such bankruptcy of faith.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Image: The Last Voyage Of Henry Hudson; John Collier (1850–1934); Current location:
London; public domain

John Kirkwood

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