Will Obama Encourage The Third Intifada?

Written by Audrey Russo on February 26, 2013

448px-Intifada1990“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.” ~Leonardo da Vinci
In just 2 1/2 weeks, Obama will land at Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel … something the self-proclaimed greatest helper of Israel of all American Presidents, has never seen necessary to do in over 4 years. Sounds more like an aversion than an affinity for the Jewish State to me…
The man (not representing the majority of American sentiment for Israel) has worked diligently to diss the Israeli PM (detailed in earlier articles). He has helped Israel’s enemies keep the boot on Israel’s neck concerning surrender of more Jewish Land. And more recently, he’s been working overtime to arm the country whose new Parliament considers Israel its #1 enemy, with 16 F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks. How should Israel take that … as more from the Helper-in-Chief?
Israeli’s Army Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, is recommending preparations for a Third Intifada (Palestinian uprising). There have been signs for some time that the Palestinian Authority (PA) was stirring up their minions to push the Israelis once again. 
So, with Obama’s dubious record on Israel, isn’t it quite probable that his visit there NOW would roil the Jew-hating waters in the region? What will Israel’s enemies take his trip to mean? As another helping hand to push the Jews into the sea?
I have serious concerns that a man who has a history of alliances with vicious Jew-haters (Rev. Wright; Louis Farrakhan; Father Flager; Bill Ayers; Rashid Khalidi; Ingrid Mattson; Dalia Mogahed; etc.), has been indecorous to a world leader and our only true ally in the region, AND has encouraged and armed Israel’s enemies … has honorable intentions in doing something he should have done long ago.
Additionally, with PM Bibi Netanyahu having difficulty pulling together a coalition government, there’s reason to believe that Obama will attempt to throw a wrench in the works to cause Bibi to fail …. since we all know how much Barry loves Bibi…
A dubious past. A dubious relationship with the Israeli PM. And dubious timing for a Holy Land visit. This does not add up to anything good for the cause of freedom
Shalom through strength…

Image: Ayman Bardaweel; public domain

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