Women in Combat: What About Those Israeli Women Soldiers?

Published on February 9, 2013

798px-Israel14Like clockwork, whenever the question arises of American women being place in front-line combat positions, the matter of Israeli women supposedly serving in combat comes us. Yet, as is often the case, it seems there is more to this claim than so many initially assume. Teapartynation.com‘s Jack E. Kemp shares an interesting exchange that might shed some light on this frequent assertion …

When Clarice Feldman started a discussion recently at American Thinker http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/01/the_administration_s_new_fro… about women in combat in the U.S. military, it inevitably brought up the argument that ignorant leftists love to use, namely that Israeli women are in their army. The left believes these women are all like Rambo but with nicer hair – and they don’t go for the bare-chested look that Stallone sported. Here is an exchange of comments under Clarice’s post between some woman named Yvette familiar with leftist tropes, myself, and an American aviator who trained in Israel with their forces.

The four comments:


Women in combat? Great knee jerk reaction there, Holmes. I have three words for you:
Israeli Defense Forces

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I’ve got a few words for you as well, yvette. Most of the women in the Israeli Defense forces are not in front line combat positions. They are trainers (like an acquaintance of mine who learned about Raytheon Hawk missiles from a an IDF woman), company clerks and secretaries. I recall riding a bus in Israel, standing behind a 5’3″ girl – yes, girl – with an M16 slung over her back. She did not look very formidable as a front line soldier to me. And I doubt if she turned into the Incredible She Hulk out in the desert. Could you tell me how many women there are in the Israeli commando force or the Palmach Paratroopers? Not many, so don’t wave “IDF” around as if that proves something. I recall sitting in the Tel Aviv airport and talking with an American Gentile tourist woman. We spotted a young woman with the black beret of the Israeli Tank Corps. I don’t think her job was replacing tank treads or loading heavy shells into the tank’s cannon. She was probably a secretary or higher position intelligence enlisted woman.


@yvette99 & JackKemp:

I spent quite some time working with Israeli aviation forces in Israel. This bunk that the IDF uses women in combat roles is absolute nonsense! …

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Image: IDF female soldiers; source: Israel14; author: Artur Andrychowski; the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license