Achtung Baby Alert: Germany Slams the Door on Sharia Law

Published on March 28, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 9.49.38 AMGermany just announced that they are banning three Islamist groups on the grounds that they are anti-democratic and trying to institute sharia law.  The three groups, DawaFFM, Islamische Audios and An-Nussrah are among the extremely conservative faction of Islam known as Salafist.  Salafism is a branch of Sunni Muslims that adhere to extremely strict and puritanical views of Islam.  They often advocate violence against others as a genuine expression of Islam.  They adhere strictly to sharia law and use it to control and abuse their women and children.

Hans-Peter Friedrich, German Interior Minister gave the following statement concerning the bans:

“Salafism, as represented by the groups banned today, is incompatible with our peaceful, democratic system.  DawaFFM, Islamische Audios and An-Nussrah aim to change our society in an aggressive way so that democracy is replaced by a Salafist system and the state of law replaced by sharia.”

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