Is Affirmative Action Destroying Black Pride?

Published on March 28, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.01.00 AMWhite racist Liberals never want Affirmative Action to go away. Affirmative Action is a reminder that white racist Liberals consider themselves better than black people. If white Liberals are constantly “helping” black people, they get to feel better about accomplishing nothing–a favorite white racist…ok, Liberal pastime.

Black Liberals leaders are all too happy to help white Liberals assuage their guilt, because black Liberals leaders enjoy being bullies. The race card is the political assault weapon of choice, particularly when your only skillset is demagoguery.

I often ask myself, what happened to black pride?

There was a time when black people didn’t settle for failures like Obama or the Congressional Black Caucus. Blacks as a whole expected more from blacks who were blessed with the opportunity for greatness.

Whether it was sports, entertainment, or politics, blacks who were set up for something transcendental carried the expectation of the entire black race on their shoulders. Much was riding on his or her success, regardless of the role.

Each time the baton was passed, the next black understood his or her obligation to represent, to show the world that the black man had a positive contribution to make, and would not squander it. We were programmed to be among the best, and expected to be better than whites in terms of our humanity.

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