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DC Madness in March

ObamaBracketIt’s that time of year again! Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean. Money is exchanging hands all over town. Men and women across the country are gathering in smoky backrooms and bars. (Minus the 27 states that ban smoky bars, that is). No, it’s not a Mob meeting.

Or Congress.

It’s March Madness! Brackets and bets, hours of basketball, and Cinderella stories abound!

(I think we can all be thankful Kentucky bit the big one at the NIT and saved us from having to endure Ashley Judd on camera. I’m just sayin’).

In the spirit of this time honored tradition, I’d like to present the Obama Administration Final Four!

Exciting match-ups like Jeremiah Wright versus Saul Alinksy! Nail biters like John Kerry versus Hillary Clinton. And who comes out ahead when golf goes up against Joe Biden? (Besides President Obama, I mean).

Serious upsets are guaranteed every March. The Obama Four is no exception. ManBearPig barely squeaks out a win against Solyndra. But I predict Barbara Boxer takes him out to claim her spot in the Sweet Sixteen.

Hollywood has an easy win against Michael Moore. (That snack bar is way too tempting). In fact, Hollywood makes it all the way to the Elite Eight before being beaten by Nancy Pelosi (and her broom).

In what’s sure to be the most exciting game of the Chicago Region, vacation takes on golf. I predict golf will claw its way to a Final Four spot. After 115 rounds, the Administration has a clear favorite here. Golf just has the edge.

The teleprompter will make a strong showing in the DC region, but Jay Carney is a lock for the Final Four. There really is no match against his charm and wit … said no one ever. (Give me a break, someone has to be Bobby Knight).

I predict a Pelosi win in the finals. She’s just too strong to fall.


Where’s Dorothy when you need her?

Pauline Wolak

Pauline is a proud wife and mother of three. When she isn't being the world's greatest Girl Friday, she is volunteers her time as a school librarian and athletic director. Pauline enjoys football, politics, good beer, and arguing with anyone. She's a devout pro-life Catholic. Pauline believes in the 1st Amendment and uses it on a daily basis, most notably to ambush unsuspecting family members in political debate! You can find her work here at Clash and at Follow her on twitter at @MiStateFan.

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