Evil Personified at Work

Written by Allan Erickson on March 23, 2013

450px-When_your_evilKnowing most people would give him a wide berth because he is Black and because of all the hysteria surrounding his runs for the White House, Barack Obama seized the opportunity to upend America.  He knew he had four to eight years to achieve his goal: the radical transformation of the U.S. from a constitutional republic to a socialist oligarchy. 

He is half way there.  In four years he has managed to bring America to her knees. 

Like him, we bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, and to terrorists on both sides of the Sunni-Shi’ite divide.  Jihadi terrorism has not been contained.  Like a disease it has spread throughout the Arab world and into North Africa and elsewhere, throughout Europe and the Americas. 

It reaps in the killing fields with growing efficiency.   Attacks on the homeland have not been prevented. Containing the spread of WMD has been a failure.  Our military is infiltrated by jihadist sympathizers.  The Cabinet is populated by individuals willing to submit to Islam and settle for dhimmi status.   Terror training camps and operational cells infest the U.S., poised to strike.  Credible intelligence indicates the next strike will be much worse than 9/11.  Incredibly, we send billions of dollars every year to countries actively sponsoring global terrorism, and, we extend the rights of citizens to enemy combatants in our own courts. 

There must be a special category of insanity to describe all this.  

In the face of outright threats from North Korea and its nullification of the Korean War ceasefire (essentially a declaration of war against America and South Korea) this impotent president is silent.
In the face of massive slaughter in Syria, he stumbles into a plan in Libya to ship weaponry to “rebels” who turn out to be Al Qaeda operatives in the main, resulting in Benghazi, which he covers up with criminal intent.

In the face of declared war and development of nuclear weapons by Iran, this dithering president is ineffectual.

In the face of Russian and Chinese adventurism and criminal behavior flavored with aggression in support of our lethal enemies, this president is submissive, even accommodating.   Cutting our defenses to the bone and unilateral disarmament are solutions? 

In four years the Poser has managed to take a bad economic situation and make it much worse. Corrupt healthcare “reform” has meant higher premiums, loss of coverage, limited access and imminent bankruptcy.   Violating religious liberty and personal conscience, the Poser pushes public funding of abortion and death panels, as if The People don’t even exist.

Corrupt and wasteful stimulus spending favoring political friends, featuring crony capitalism, saw hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars evaporate in ‘”investments” in green catastrophes and projects that weren’t shovel ready after all.

Serial efforts to stave off the inevitable involving quantitative easing and printing funny money only mean the money changers enrich themselves while the common folk watch their savings dissolve in a witch’s brew of government spending, debt and looming hyper-inflation.

In the face of complete financial disaster driven by insane federal spending, what does the Poser suggest?  Increase spending and taxes and debt, then demonize anyone with the gall to demand responsibility. 

Meanwhile, the Poser and his flying monkeys work feverishly through the night to ban or confiscate guns of all kinds, essentially a complete assault on the 2nd Amendment.  They work to infiltrate your private life, hoping to gain access to your private financial records, looking to see if you purchase ammunition.  Without warrants, the Poser and his pals want to examine your private communications because after all, unlike the Fort Hood shooter, you might be a real terrorist.

And they want to watch you or zap you with drones, all in the name of forwarding the general welfare of course.

They insist you pay your fair share according to their definition, just as they insist you make only the income they approve.  We are taxed without true representation.  Most of our “representatives” are on the take, representing only themselves. The few who truly represent traditional Americanism are hounded and marginalized by the Obama media.

Our continuous downward slide into moral oblivion is accelerated by this Poser who pushes every heinous demoralization method known to man: sexual perversion, destruction of the family and traditional marriage, infanticide in the name of privacy and “women’s health”, and generalized relativism allowing law breakers to roam free, as law-abiding citizens are condemned.

Obama hates traditional American values.  He hates economic freedom.  He hates the essential American ideas of God-given rights and limited government. He hates  Judeo-Christian traditions: reverence, servant hood, and personal responsibility.   

His vision, shared by every other Marxist failure that has stumbled down the pike, is a gigantic central government controlling life cradle to grave, driving a socialist economy, a secular society purged of the opiate of religion, all of it submitted to the U.N., the next stop of his gravy train.  The man who would be king of a one-world government is glad to throw America under the bus if that’s what it takes to assume the throne.

Knowing most people still give him a wide berth, just because he is Black, the Poser will press his agenda for radical change, continuing to infringe upon your God-given rights, until his grisly gang completely dominates the culture, or until patriots step up and stop him, one way or the other.  

Don’t be fooled: the so-called Charm Offensive is just another smokescreen allowing him to continue the blitzkrieg.

And like complete idiots we just gave our executioner four more years to line us up and shoot us down.   

American sovereignty and preeminence have saved the world from the encroachments of evil for 100 years.  Evil therefore attacks American sovereignty and preeminence, and, the main weapon at its disposal for the moment: the President of the United States.

God in His mercy has given us another opportunity to preserve liberty and honor His name as the Lord of love.  Will we, like our forebearers, rise to the challenge once again, or forever submit and cower before the dragon?

Image: Author: Gravenrobber; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.