Pulling at the Day’s Loose Threads

Written by Nathan Clark on March 31, 2013

529px-Bear_cotton_threadThere is just so much going on in the world at this moment, it makes one’s head spin. A perusal of current headlines provokes a torrent of ruminations in the mind of any thinking person, something the brilliant columnist Dr. Thomas Sowell addresses periodically in a recurring column called “Random Thoughts”. Here are a few of mine.

Is anyone else struck by the fact that in all the news photographs of North Korean generals gathered around their corpulent adolescent leader, they appear as malnourished little men in very big hats? Judging by the self-inflicted hairstyles popular in that penal colony … er, country, perhaps the big hats are intended as a fashion accessory to offset their diminished stature. One is reminded of Dark Helmet from the Mel Brooks comedy Spaceballs …They look like sour little green mushrooms, in fact. Which shouldn’t be surprising, considering they are kept in the dark and fed … well, you get it.

I was amused by the latest news photos that included a display of their “attack strategy” against the United States, (wink wink.) Oops, we tipped our hand in front of the cameras! I’d love to get these rodeo clowns at the poker table, except that with a nation that only produces starvation, they have no money.

In sequestration news, the President has so far cut funding to ICE, causing the immediate release of tens of thousands of detained illegal alien criminals onto our streets. He has also furloughed Border patrol agents and meat inspectors, closed the White House to the public who owns it and pays the bills, and is targeting other cutbacks that are certain to dismay the American public. The good news is that his daughters have now learned how to use the US Taxpayer credit card themselves to take conjoined vacations to foreign beaches and exotic ski slopes. This gives new and unpleasant connotations to the phrase “Let’s Move!“ Mommy and Daddy are such good teachers. Meanwhile, nobody in the White House calligraphy department has had their hours or benefits reduced during these times of national hardship.

The president continues to rape the US Constitution as often as he can get away with it, using executive orders to circumvent the legislative process. An article appearing in The Hill this week exposed his latest attempt to legislate from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, saving him that long walk up the street and an actual battle on Capitol Hill to further his illicit agenda. As the website put it, “Obama’s steps began the same day he unveiled his 23 gun control proposals in January, when he issued a memorandum requiring all nine federal law enforcement agencies to submit guns they confiscate to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for tracing.”

Perhaps so that any connection to Fast & Furious can be expunged from public scrutiny … Nobody plays 3-Card Monty with the truth better than Eric Holder. While we’re at it, let’s ask John Dillinger to guard the bank vault while we step out for lunch.

Speaking of guarding the bank, the state of Texas wants its billion dollars of gold bullion back from the Federal Gold Depository in New York. With the global run on bank assets beginning, apparently Texas doesn’t feel its gold reserves are safe in federal hands, and it would be more reassuring to Texans if those assets were kept closer to home. Small wonder, given the history of this administration and its devaluation of our currency. Note to the feds: ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’.

In Newport News, Virginia, I read that two Middle School students have been methodically poisoning their math teacher for months, by adding Germ-X hand sanitizer to her tea when she’s not looking. It contains toxic levels (60%) of alcohol, among its other components. She has been suffering physical symptoms since school began, but still showing up every day to do her job. These brats ought to get jail time now, lest they grow into society’s monsters later as a result of a hand-slap by the courts. It’s past time to stop coddling execrable behavior, as their parents apparently did.

It is also past time to stop the ghoulish extermination of infant human beings. Two horrifying stories in the news this week should provoke national action to curb this indefensible atrocity. The trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell invokes images of Josef Mengele, the horrific “Angel of Death” at the Nazi concentration camps. Gosnell the Ghoul is on trial for murdering fully viable babies he delivered as “late abortions”, as well as using untrained assistants in his clinic and having them do the same. This monster kept a jar of infant feet on his desk, for God’s sake.

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Democrat Gov. Bob Casey enforced required inspections of such facilities by the Dept. of Health during his tenure. Sadly, his Pro-Choice Republican successor Tom Ridge did not, for political reasons. His justification was that “such inspections put up a barrier to women” seeking abortions. This fatal policy stayed in place for 17 years, allowing Gosnell and perhaps others like him to make millions off this industry while exposing underprivileged young women to dire risk.

The other story regarding abortion is the open admission by Alisa LoPalt Snow, a Planned Parenthood lobbyist in Florida, that a woman and her doctor have the right to kill a viable post-birth baby if it somehow survives the initial abortion attempt. The only comment I have to add to that statement and its far-reaching ramifications is that this nation needs to sit down, examine its conscience (if it still has one) and decide once and for all whether we are going to continue this slaughter not only of innocent human life, but of whatever is left of our moral center. Freedom from truth is not freedom – it is bondage and suffering masquerading as liberation.

Note to former Michelle Obama staffer Stephanie Marshall, newly appointed CEO of the Collier County, Florida chapter of Planned Parenthood; God weighs what we choose to dedicate our lives to. As the ancient knight in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade advised him, “Choose wisely.”

Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation's Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America's future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.