Standing Fast, Against the World.

Written by Wes Walker on March 27, 2013

450px-Athanasius_of_Alexandria“Jesus that I know as my Redeemer cannot be less than God”
— Athanasius of Alexandria

Got it tough, do ya?  The world standing against you, is it?  All the things you hold sacred being eroded by a hostile culture?
What… you were expecting a fluffy pillow?  Sorry bub.  When you came to Christ, you weren’t equipped with a pillow and blanket.  Scripture compares your role in faith to the infantry.  You will march in the mud, endure the elements, and come into conflict with people who mean you harm.

You may even be one of the rare few that doesn’t face “friendly fire” — but probably not.

If you want a post-apostolic example of the Clash attitude in action, it’s hard to find a better candidate than Athanasius of Alexandria.  He was awarded the title “Contra Mundum” (Against the World) because he fought in defense of core Christian truth when everyone… EVERYONE disagreed with him.

It was he who most strongly defended the biblical claim of Christ’s divinity.  He was exiled for it, multiple times.  [His} “labours were unceasing in refuting heretics, in building churches, in rebuking rapacious governors, in comforting faithful bishops, and in strengthening the orthodox everywhere…”  He was not afraid to stand alone, against bishops and emperors, with personal hardship and exile as the consequence for maintaining his integrity.

The lesson to remember is this one:  the unpopular, often exiled upstart preacher who held his integrity — is remembered as a hero of the faith.
The popular preacher whose idea he opposed — has a heresy named after him.

Popularity is a dangerous lie.  Hold fast to something deeper and more permanent.  Athanasius did — the Word of God itself.

Source: Biography of St. Athanasius