The Broken Homeland

Published on March 27, 2013

460px-Child_seated_on_crateBy Donald Joy

It’s broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, just this past December. Bill Bailey, father of a two-year-old daughter with his fiancé, is walking back home after going to a neighborhood convenience store and buying cigarettes.  

Three young boys, two of them aged 14 and the third aged 13, are following Bailey and harassing him, trying to get him to give them cigarettes.  Bailey refuses.  The boys keep up their aggressive following, demanding cigarettes.

Bailey arrives at his home, and the boys won’t stop harassing him.  The argument escalates.  

Bailey’s fiancé, 22-year-old Kayla Peterson, hears the commotion and comes out from the house. She tells the boys to “get a job.”

One of the boys promptly pulls out a gun and shoots her in the abdomen.  

The boys flee.

Peterson dies in her fiancé’s arms.

That night, the boys post pictures of themselves on Facebook, posing with guns, pointing the guns at the camera, and making gang signs with their hands.

The boys hide out in the homes of various friends and family members until police manage to find them and arrest them one by one.  

It’s Thursday morning of just last week in Brunswick, Georgia.  Broad daylight.  A woman is out for a walk in her neighborhood with her 13-month baby boy strapped securely in his stroller, when (according to the woman) she is accosted by two boys demanding money.  

The boys have a gun, and it is pointed at her.  She tells them she doesn’t have any money with her. They threaten to kill her and her baby if she doesn’t give them money.  She pleads with them that she has no cash, and begs them not to shoot her baby.

The boy holding the gun opens fire.  One of his first four shots grazes her ear, another hits her in the leg.  

The boy then walks around to face the stroller and shoots little blue-eyed Antonio Santiago, barely past his first birthday, point-blank in the face.  

The boys flee.  

The wounded woman, Sherry West, tries in vain to resuscitate her dying baby son with CPR, as she struggles to get to a nearby house for help.  Little Antonio doesn’t make it.  

Police begin an all-out, door-to-door search and intensive field interviews throughout the community.  

Within a couple of days, police arrest 17-year-old De’Marquis Elkins and 15-year-old Dominique Lang. The two juveniles are being charged with murder as adults.  Police have recovered a gun and have charged Elkins’ mother and aunt with lying to police. 

Ever since the combined social upheavals of the sexual revolution, the civil rights era, and the feminist movement of the 1960’s and ’70’s in America, and with the ever-increasing, massive expansion of the welfare state, we have seen intact marriages decline, and rates of out-of-wedlock births skyrocket.  

Among certain demographics, illegitimacy is as high as 75% of all births!  

In the aggregate, now over half of all babies born in the U.S. today are “bastards“.  An old-fashioned term, I realize.  But it means what it means. 

I cannot provide for readers any irrefutable proof that in all of the above cases (just a sample of the trends, of countless instances), the boys in question were feral and fatherless wayward monsters lacking in strong male leadership and guidance in the home, lacking two parents who are married to each other, etc.  

I know some things for certain, however.  

Forces have been steadily at work over the generations, to deliberately, and by design, destroy the Western traditional concept of marriage and family ever since Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published The Communist Manifesto in 1848.  

The Communist Manifesto specifically explains why its authors believed that the cultural institutions of church and marriage are wrong, and should be jettisoned in lieu of their socialist philosophy, dialectic materialism.  

It goes into detail about how and why they thought that religion and the family must be replaced by government, the state. 

It explains why they believed that children should be removed as much as possible from their parents’ primary influence and educated by the state in public schools.  

The Communist Manifesto explains why Marx and Engels believed women should become prostitutes, and compete with men for power in society, and for total economic equality.

Read it yourself if you think I’m making this all up.   

One wonders if it’s even appropriate to refer mainly to “broken homes” when people now, in our increasingly socialist economy and “progressive” culture, mostly have no stark economic or social pressures, nor compelling incentives, really, to actually wed and maintain intact homes in the first place.

Secular progressives (communists) have mainly succeeded in dominating most of our media and institutions, and illegitimate children are not only no longer stigmatized as they once were, for many women it’s a way to have guaranteed income streams and endless benefits from myriad of government agencies and programs.  And the spigot never shuts off.

The state has replaced the family, has replaced husbands and fathers as the protectors and providers. In fact, the communist state exists to protect women from the evil oppression of the patriarchy, don’tcha know.   

Without harsh, long-term consequences (for one’s self and one’s progeny) for illegitimate conduct and inferior character, why take the trouble to build one’s character and act responsibly within the confines of marriage and family?  Hey, these days, it’s taboo not to just presume that everyone has equal content of character.

Our country is umpteen trillions of dollars in debt, the socialist handouts show no signs of being shut off, and boys with no male role models in their daily lives any better than gangsta-rappers are shooting babies in the face on the street.

I say it’s time we really get up in the commies’ faces, and force them to stop wrecking our homes.

Donald JoyFollowing his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.