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Wannabe Mass Murderer Did the Right Thing and Killed Himself First!

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.47.28 AMRegis Giles- A former University of Central Florida student James Oliver Seevakumaran, age 30, shot himself in the head while in his dorm room he still resided in.

According to UCF Police Cheif Richard Beary, there were some pieces of literature penned by Mr. Seevakumaran that indicated a “planned attack”  in his dorm room building.  Seevakumaran laid out a time line, but did not give any specific details on the attack or mention of people he wanted to kill.

What the police found, along with Seevakumaran’s notes, was one “High Point 45-caliber semi-automatic pistol and … an American Tech 22-magnum tactical rifle,” along with a backpack full of uncompleted bombs.
Seevakumaran tried executing his attack first on his roommate, but failed.  The roommate escaped and called 911.  Police believe that because his first attempt failed and Seevakumaran could hear the police sirens outside, this led him to pull the trigger on himself.

This is not sad news.  This is actually a good day, because whenever I hear a report about a mass shooting and the attackers turn the gun on themselves after they’ve killed dozens of people, I always think, “If only they did that to begin with.”

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