What a Wonderful World it Would Be! — a Liberal’s Dream

Written by Rick David on March 4, 2013

MH900434405As an old, conservative, Christian, I sometimes feel like one of the elves departing from Middle Earth. Overseas, the socialists and communists have succeeded in transforming the globe. Reagan said that America is the last best hope for freedom in this world. Now it seems that the tide of progressive liberalism is swallowing America as well.

According to my liberal acquaintances in the education establishment this is all for the best, as America is the cause of all of the world’s injustices. If America is not the only source of the problems, then certainly the remainder of the problems can be attributed to Israel and to Christians. Obama’s goal is a “fundamentally transformed” America. So what would the perfect liberal America look like?

Capitalism and greed, so the story goes, is the source of injustice in the world. Evil American corporations have exploited Third World countries for their resources, earning us the hatred of people everywhere. They say that the production capacity and the rewards (not profit) of production must be distributed equally to all of the people through the state.

Of course, this has been tried in Russia, Cuba and China with shared misery being the result. Part of the problem in those countries was that the leaders and bureaucrats were corrupt. We know that we would never have a problem like that here (Corzine, Jesse Jackson Jr., Wm. “refrig $” Jefferson).

Communism supposedly failed in Russia because of American resistance and because the wrong people were in charge. If we turned over control of the state to our learned intellectuals we could be assured of success.

And the unions that support the communist state are as pure as the wind driven snow. Just consider what a great job that the union controlled government schools are doing. Strangely, China and Russia have abandoned communism for old fashioned capitalism and are now experiencing unprecedented growth. But good old Cuba is hanging in there and they’re doing peachy. But again, that’s because of U.S. oppression.

So, if we just turn over control to the politicians, bureaucrats, unions and professors, we’ll all be healthy and wealthy. Of course, to protect the environment, we will need to shut down those evil oil, gas and coal companies. Nobody will be able to afford to live in their own home in the suburbs anymore, except the ruling class. We’ll all be herded into high rise apartments in the inner city so that we can take mass transit to work. This way, we’ll all be closer to the central government schools (beginning with pre-school) and health care centers. Life will be beautiful. We won’t have to deal with so many choices at the store.

Of course, you’ll have to turn over most of your pay in taxes. It’s not your money, anyway. Didn’t the government print it? But, government will provide for all of our needs.

Oh, and if people aren’t productive, they need to be eliminated. The aged and the handicapped are only suffering anyway. Margaret Sanger and George B. Shaw would be so proud of us.

But, even if we establish the perfect social justice utopia, what do we do about those people in the world that want to destroy us? What about that small minority of one million jihadis? Well, if we just remove our military from all of its global bases and abandon our support of Zionist Israel, they won’t hate us anymore.

After all, we know that the Jews have always controlled everything (just ask our new Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel) and cheated everyone. After all, they stole that land, right? They never lived there, unless you believe archeology and that silly old Bible.

Islam is really a great religion of peace and their leaders don’t really mean all of that stuff about exterminating all of the Jews. Nobody has ever tried anything like that. Besides, the Muslims say that the Jews are not really human anyway. Isn’t that what Hitler and Pharoah were trying to say? If we just got rid of them all, then everyone would live in peace.

So now that we’ve established peace and prosperity, how about happiness? We need to jettison all of our antiquated morals and traditions foisted upon us by some religion about a mythical sky God. Consenting adults should be able to do whatsoever pleases them. All of this stuff about honesty and purity is just stifling us, right?

Those nasty Christians and their Bible are always standing in the way of progress. They’re always laying guilt trips on us. They need to be isolated and re-educated. Take their children away because they are unfit parents. Tear down all of their stupid icons and take their buildings that they’ve never paid taxes on. What a wonderful world it would be.

Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.