The Left: a Death Cult

Written by Allan Erickson on April 13, 2013

MH900309179Celebrating Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s passing:

“Thatcher did more damage to our communities that Hitler did,” declared a labor leader in Britain.

“Ding dong the witch is dead,” proclaimed another.

“What a terrible shame – that it wasn’t 87 years earlier,” sneered another celebrant.

With the news Pastor Rick Warren’s son committed suicide:

@BryanJFischer well after all the dead gay kids Rick Warren is responsible for, I guess one of his is a small price to pay.

@BlazePhoenix_ I would’ve committed suicide if my dad was Rick Warren too.

@cnnbrk rick warren is a gay basher, rape, misogyny, slavery, incest & pedophelia condoner! #atheists

Let’s be fair. Not all Leftists celebrate death, at least not directly. Perhaps 50% do it vicariously. So let’s be fair.

Let’s also take a sober look at people who get drunk on blood, either swilling it themselves, or gleefully watching others guzzle.

Let’s also be clear. Rick Warren has never bashed anyone. He is obviously not responsible for the choices others make. He shares the truth as he understands it, in love, and has contributed more assistance to AIDS suffers and the poor than most anyone in history.

Let’s be honest. Margaret Thatcher, is one of the greatest of Britain’s leaders, the first woman prime minister, a commoner, and a tireless champion of freedom and fair play; she is widely praised as one of the most useful and productive world leaders ever to take the stage.
But never expect the death cult to take healthy notice of fact-driven reality or the champions of purposeful lives. The blood orgy takes precedence. Demoniacs are insatiable.

For example, dismembering, poisoning or stabbing babies to death in the womb is bad enough. Murdering little ones that miraculously survive abortion only adds evil to evil. Obama supports, endorses, and promotes all of it, in the name of “women’s health”, privacy, and “reproductive rights”.

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