The Monolith of Diversity: Intolerable Tolerance

Written by Allan Erickson on April 6, 2013

360px-Hilversum_kunstwerk_toleranceSurfing the web recently it was not surprising, however demoralizing, reading about “Diversity Days” at Butte College, the alma mater of Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  The eleven-day event running through April 11 features interesting and compelling academic presentations, but diversity is not really reflected in the agenda.   Perhaps it would be better to bill this festival the “Political Correctness Parade.”

Poetry is big.  Yoga is featured.  Students will enjoy a reggae band.  Thai classical dance, and African culture, dress, dance and drumming are highlighted.  There’s even a nod to Europe with a half hour of Celtic music in the cafeteria.  All fine of course in the pursuit of international understanding, personal well-being and literary understanding.  However, other aspects are a bit dispiriting.

The keynoter, an intriguing young novelist named Matt de la Peña, writes a lot about race, like Obama.  One of his books was banned from schools by the state of Arizona.  It was said the book promoted racial resentment by articulating critical race theory, an anti-white orientation: racism by another definition.  Who knows if Matt actually promotes this kind of thing.  However, it is a safe bet no one on the roster spoke against critical race theory, better known as “the white man’s a devil, play the race card again”.

Professor Jeff Halper is a featured speaker.  He is a Minnesota native and peace activist.  He talks about “Zionists” and “Occupied Territories” and his personal role helping Israelis and Palestinians overcome “structural violence.”  In an Al Jazeera article last year, Halper is quoted saying Israel has pacified the Palestinians, Obama and Netanyahu are on the same page (really!?), the situation is beyond apartheid. Wow.  Now there’s diversity for you…

One might take issue with the term “Occupied Territories” referring to East Jerusalem and the West Bank.  (This definition once included Gaza until Israel pulled out giving that land to the Palestinians in hopes of encouraging peace, only to see war escalate thanks to Hamas firing rockets funded by Iran, aggression now encouraged by the Muslim Brotherhood.) 

The U.N. and others insist East Jerusalem and the West Bank are territories “occupied” by Israel which is accused of trying to eradicate Palestinians.  Israel was attacked by various Arab nations in 1967 and in winning that war Israel took possession of pieces of land to secure its borders against further attacks, all acts of legitimate self-defense.  Israel has been giving land for peace ever since.  The only “structural violence” worthy of mention: the continuous war waged against Jews by Islamist forces for 1300 years.

True diversity – examining all dimensions in the quest for truth — might include a presentation articulating the other side of this story, but lo and behold, only one side will be aired.  Sorry.  Diversity does not include presenting the whole story, only the PC dimension of it, thank you very much.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.