The Monolith of Diversity: Intolerable Tolerance

Written by Allan Erickson on April 6, 2013

Otherwise, a film will inform students about the Hmong people who “fought for the United States during the Vietnam War and as a consequence lost their homeland.” Special “we hate America” tee shirts will be given away no doubt, but will an America-loving Hmong person be allowed to speak?  Diversity would require this accommodation, but … well … you know. We don’t want to stir up trouble.  (Contradict a Leftist in person and see what happens, but I’d advise protective clothing first.)

True to form, the prefabricated and prejudicial agenda is dominated by events promoting perversion and homosexuality.  One is a Roaring Twenties dance featuring a dress-in-drag contest.  There is a panel discussion on “Queer Identity”. Included in the lineup: “Getting Married: Two Men Negotiating Between the Personal and the Political.”  And, billed as bawdy and childlike, a woman will share “A Day in the Life of your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian,” with song and stories, bring the kids! However, students are warned this might make some people uncomfortable.  Learning through discomfort: no pain no gain!

Silly of me to ask but . . . is anyone telling the students about the peer-reviewed scientific research proving the homosexual lifestyle is especially unhealthy — physically, emotionally and psychologically — even lethal, in every category studied?  Anyone allowed to talk about why homosexual practice has been frowned upon by most people in most places for most of the time?  (Not PC! Shut up!)

I don’t suppose any of these folks were invited to participate: the Boy Scouts, the Tea Party, the American Legion or the local Baptist minister.

Ah, diversity . . . (sigh and smile).

Amazingly, a documentarian will make the case that Detroit’s best days are ahead.  (And the comparison is Pompeii?)  Is anyone lined up to explain how corruption, liberalism and government entitlements destroyed the Motor City?
An author will tell students all about fighting injustice and social ills including “Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, human rights abuses and the stigma surrounding mental illness.”  Another will reveal how Native Americans continue to be abused.  Still another will report on exploitation of Hispanic children on American farms where twelve year olds are forced to work twelve-hour days in the hot sun with little to eat or drink.  Will anybody ask for substantiation, or challenge accusations that white capitalists are demons responsible for these outrages?  Was Robert Spencer invited to make a scholarly presentation on the real nature and history of Islam, the Koran, the Hadith and the Traditions?  Don’t count on it.

There is a globalism and social justice panel of course, but my personal favorite:  “How to Avoid Getting Caught Up in the Criminal Justice System,” scheduled to take 75 minutes.  (My advice: don’t get arrested.)

Upon graduation, will these students be better prepared to work and contribute to society thanks to Diversity Days?  Or does “diversity” have other priorities?  One final question: does the average taxpayer celebrate paying for all this stuff?  (Answers: no, yes, no and move to the head of the class.)

The sad truth: this is the state of affairs in roughly 90% of American classrooms today, from kindergarten through graduate school.  Our kids know more about homosexuality, “social justice” and the rain forest than they do about reading, writing and arithmetic. 

Image: Nederlands; source: Own work; author: Wikifrits; public domain

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Allan Erickson
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