Liberals’ Reckless Mentality: 9/11 or 7/11? At War or Not?

Written by Teri O'Brien on May 30, 2013

MH900071191The Age of Obama is an age of irony. Consider that the one adjective most frequently used to describe Barack Obama, by his acolytes anyway, is “historic”; which is ironic because he has demonstrated repeatedly that either he knows nothing about history or is too arrogant and narcissistic to learn anything from it. Regardless, his lack of historical perspective was on prominent display during his highly-anticipated foreign policy speech on May 23, 2013 at National Defense University.

Then consider the irony of this speech, which was largely an explanation and defense of his administration’s very aggressive use of drones to remotely zap terrorists thousands of miles away, consisting of this empty suit droning on for over an hour. Finally, in a slap at that evil George W. Bush, who is apparently still responsible for everything wrong in this country despite being out of office for over four years, the One pronounced that he had “unequivocally banned torture.”

Seriously? What did this insufferable gasbag think this speech was?

Those who were able to stay awake during this confusing, meandering mess were rewarded by a confirmation of what we have known all along. Let me state it simply. Liberals still just don’t get it. They don’t understand the difference between 9/11, as in an existential war against an extremely determined enemy with millions of lunatics willing to die for the cause, and 7/11, as in using law enforcement to find and punish the perp who knocked over the convenience market. Whether it’s Eric “I Recused Myself in My Mind But It Still Counts” Holder, who wanted to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a New York City court room, or Barack Hussein Obama himself choosing to treat Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a criminal rather than an enemy combatant, the dangerous and naîve mentality is the same.

We’ve tried this approach before, during the 1990’s. Six people were murdered in 1993. The mastermind and ring leader of the first World Trade Center bombing, Ramzi Yousef, was tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison plus 240 years in January 1998, just 7 months before Islamic fanatics would set off bombs at our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. We were at war. We just didn’t know it. Eventually, reality would smack us out of our blissful ignorance when two huge airliners slammed into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and a fourth in a Pennsylvania field.

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