Cancel Your Comcast Alert: They Say No to Gun Ads, But Yes to Violent TV Shows

Comcast-sucksA major media corporation is challenging the Second Amendment. Comcast no longer accepts commercials for guns or ammunition, yet it has no problem airing violent television programs.

A public policy organization describes Comcast as hypocritical when it tells potential gun advertisers that they will not be allowed to profit through its television medium and at the same time profits every day from violent programming.

David Almasi, executive director of the National Center for Public Policy Research, says his organization recently confronted Comcast CEO Brian Roberts during a shareholder meeting. He says sharp words were exchanged.

“The company is trying to align itself with the political left, and at least make them happy,” Alamsi adds. “And it is our responsibility at the National Center to make sure people know that this is a company that claims to be free market-oriented but seems to be leaning directly in the opposite direction.”

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