Are Criminals Running America?

Written by Allan Erickson on May 17, 2013

720px-Criminal_Silhouette_R.svgFewer and fewer people believe Barack Obama.

His plummeting credibility is destroying his ability to govern, not that he ever showed that ability in the first place.

Even Democrats can’t hold their noses any longer, the stench is so rank.  Even liberals are expressing outrage, finally.

With the revelation the IRS has been persecuting a range of organizations politically opposed to Obama, the final straw is breaking the donkey’s back.

We know senior IRS officials have been aware for two years about this kind of this horrendous misuse of power.  The inspector general’s investigation and subsequent report blew the lid just days ago as reported here:

Imagine what this looks like: a President (and/or his operatives) using the Internal Revenue Service— making false allegations and conducting bogus audits—all in an effort to destroy political opposition.  The report indicates IRS senior officials targeted at least 100 Tea Party organizations, other conservative groups, and even the Romney campaign. 

Obama makes Nixon look like an angel.

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Allan Erickson
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