Benghazi, IRS, AP Scandals — Will Obama Burn the Reichstag?

Written by John Kirkwood on May 17, 2013

lossy-page1-468px-Firemen_work_on_the_burning_Reichstag_Building_in_February,_1933,_after_fire_broke_out_simultaneously_at_20_places...._-_NARA_-_535790.tifA scandal ridden White House, not used to being called out, will not sit idle awaiting subpoenas to fall like ticker tape. A desperate despot doesn’t do “damage control”, he burns the Reichstag and blames it on the Tea Party; he burns Rome and blames it on the Christians. And those who know history and know the Chicago way are already looking for the smoke.


For Catholics, when the smoke rises they’ve chosen a pope; for Marxists, they’ve chosen a scapegoat. Some lackey or some diversion that will give the press the narrative that they so desire: “these things were somewhat important but now the nation needs the President’s full attention to deal with this latest crisis and furthermore, Eric Holder, Steven Miller, Lois Lerner, ‘put name here’ has been let go, relieved of duty or fired. Nothing to see here, go back to your homes.”


The question is, “what will it be?” Boots on the ground in Syria, domestic terror, amnesty for 12 million Muslim refugees, an attempt on the President’s life; there are myriad guesses floating around but prophecy is above my pay grade. I just know that either the dog will be wagged or the flag will be false. Deception and obfuscation are the tyrants default settings.

While the lapdog press is taking a temporary moment away from the footsie they play with Obama’s lieutenants, there’s a chorus from Illinois singing, “I told you so.” After all, Obama is a product of the machine and immediately following his coronation he brought his capos to the beltway: Axelrod, Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and Michele.

Oh, slap Glenn Beck on the back for turning out Van Jones as a raving communist, but does anyone really think that Valerie Jarrett is any less of a radical? Rahm Emanuel, the nine-fingered ballerina who uses Pandora’s box as a Rolodex is the most likely suspect in 2 of the 3 current scandals. As William J. Kelly noted in his column in the Washington Times, “Threats and intimidation, investigating political enemies, secretly recording reporters – that is Emanuel’s modus operandi – and it is a practice that he has continued in Chicago … When Rahm said, ‘The First Amendment is highly overrated,’ he wasn’t kidding.”

And we’d be foolish to think that David Axelrod isn’t combing through provisional war plans and reaching for the winged monkey’s golden cap as you read this! If the A.P. were a man with a divorce record, that scandal would never have seen the light of day.

While the rest of the country is frozen in jaw-dropping shock that an administration could be capable of such villainy, the resistance is readying to fix bayonets. They know what’s coming from Obama and his henchmen and it’s never the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A crew whose main play is to get sealed records unsealed, then have the “free press” slime their opponents with the info, is not going to simply fall on the sword when caught. If you’re from Chicago, you’ve heard this tune before and the second verse, same as the first.


The A.P. Scandal? Not hardly! A mere bump in the road as the President would say.

Oh sure it’s illegal and those that perpetrated it are downright evil, but Tony Montana wasn’t the worlds greatest boyfriend either. And what did he say when confronted with the news that his crack whore girlfriend was upset with him? “Another Quaalude, and she’ll be mine again.” And that will be the Obama response over the press having its panties in a bunch.

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