Here They Go Again: Leftists Victims of Self-Manufactured ‘Hate Crimes’

Written by Teri O'Brien on May 3, 2013

tawana_sharptonHere’s some stunning news. The most recent “hate crime” against a liberal activist, this time against some woman named Meg Lanker-Simons was committed by – wait for it – Meg Lanker-Simons. What are the chances, not only that some lefty wackjob would have one of those goofy hyphenated names, but that she would make stuff up?

From the Daily Caller: “A student at the University of Wyoming has been charged with interference with a police investigation after she allegedly posted on an anonymous social media page that she would like to engage in angry sexual intercourse with someone named “Meg Lanker Simons.”

It gets better. Also from the Daily Caller:

The Casper Star-Tribune reports that Lanker-Simons and Weather Underground radical Bill Ayers (emphasis mine) sued the University of Wyoming after school officials decided to cancel a speech by Ayers. The same story suggests that Lanker-Simon admitted to pointing a gun at her employer in 2005. A blog apparently belonging to Lanker-Simons, entitled Cognitive Dissonance, received an award nomination from the leftist website ThinkProgress for her work liveblogging the entire GOP primaries. The Pinterest page for Lanker-Simons describes her as “a 28-year-old undergrad at the University of Wyoming.”

Bill Ayers? He’s everywhere! Apparently, Barack’s mentor, the unrepentant domestic terrorist and probable author of Dreams from My Father, has his dirty fingers in every leftist pie in the country. That’s not surprising, of course. He’s a respected “educator,” whose Amerika-hating philosophy has infected virtually every institution of higher learning in the country. One of his cohorts, cop killer Kathy Boudin, was recently rewarded with a teaching post at Columbia University.

But I digress. Why would Ms. Wanker–I mean–Lanker-Simons, so outstanding a liberal that she was nominated for an award for her fabulous activist journalism, perpetuate this silly hoax? That’s really the wrong question. Given liberals’ propensity for faking “hate crimes” against themselves, the real question is what took her so long? Concocting wacky, and sometimes very creative, scenarios in which they are victims of hideous racist, “homophobic,” or sexist “rape culture” – enabling attacks, and then doing their best to present them in a convincing fashion is one of the Left’s favorite plays. It’s as predictable as Joe Biden’s next gaffe, but every time it happens, the drill is the same: the Left’s comrades in the Lame Stream Media, collectively rendered as dumb as a box of rocks by years marinating in mind-destroying political correctness, take each of these incidents seriously, and dutifully recount each horrid detail, only to have to report a few days or weeks later that the whole thing was a crock.

Maybe I am giving them too much credit. Maybe they are simply being good little apparatchiks, helping to serve the cause. Usually, these scams are motivated by the irresistible leftist impulse to manufacture evidence for what they “know” to be true. “Everybody knows” America is “racist, sexist, homophobic,” but in the absence of any actual proof, it must be constructed out of whole cloth. Think Dan Rather’s “fake but accurate” documents. Dan and his peeps knew, and still know, that George W. Bush was a draft-dodging, lying chicken hawk. What’s a few forged documents in the service of proving that undeniable fact?

Regardless of the reason, these hoaxes happen with a ridiculous degree of regularity. Consider the following list, which is by no means exhaustive, of leftwing loons who claimed to be victims of “hate crimes,” only to be exposed as the perps:

Stripper Gate: Duke LaCrosse Case
This infamous case, in which a black stripper falsely accused members of the Duke Lacrosse Team of rape, and is notable because it resulted in not only the downfall of the grandstanding prosecutor, Mike Nifong. The greater significance of this case is not the predictable actions of the pathetic accuser in this case, who eventually ended up being brought up on a murder rap, or even those of the TV coverage chasing prosecutor. The takeaway from this case is the actions of the many faculty members who lapped up this “rich white boys rape poor black woman” fairy tail like honey. These hoaxes receive the benefit of the doubt from the liberals who run the media and academia. Where are they now that Chrystal Magnum has been charged with murder?

That’s Noose to Me: The Plagiarizing Prof Cries Racism
Professor Madonna Constantine supposedly found a noose on her office door. No, actually, she did. The problem is that she put it there, probably to distract from the plagiarism charges that eventually got her fired.

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