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London Slaughter: Four Women Heroes, Lots of Male Bystanders

Despite the fact that two men armed with knives had just murdered a soldier and dumped his body onto a London street on May 22, four women on the scene were not afraid of standing up to the terrorists and trying to stop the violence.

Three women rushed to the victim’s side, even as the two armed men — one of whom has been identified as Michael Adebolajo – loomed over his body. An eyewitness stated that he saw one of the women, who has not yet been named, actually approach the men and ask if she could go pray for the victim. “She is a very religious woman,” onlooker Joe Tallant said. “She saw everything and wanted to comfort the man. She just walked straight up to them with no fear.”

The woman sat on the road next to the victim’s side, placing her arm on his back while she prayed, as can be seen in video footage from ITV News. “She put her hands on his chest and I think she prayed for him,” Joe added. “The poor man’s head was beside her.”

One other brave woman who has also not been identified walked past the murderous suspects as well and joined the first woman next to the victim’s side.

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