The Left Takes Aim at Another Black Conservative: Preacher, E.W. Jackson

Published on May 25, 2013

widemodern_EWJackson_052013620x413Who is E.W. Jackson and why does the left want to destroy him so badly?

E.W. Jackson is someone who is unknown to most Americans and even a lot of people in Virginia.  At least he was unknown before the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Convention last weekend.

Jackson and his team out fought and out organized six other candidates to become the Republican Party’s nominee to be the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

Immediately the Party of Treason and the left wing media, such as the Richmond Times Dispatch went into action to destroy Jackson.

Why is it so important to the left that E.W. Jackson be destroyed?

E.W. Jackson is a Tea Party activist.  He has been involved with the movement since at least 2010.  He is a former Marine and a Harvard educated lawyer.  He is also a black preacher.

Many in the state know E.W. Jackson as Bishop Jackson.

E.W. Jackson represents a serious threat to the leftist Democrat establishment.  Democrats can count on the black vote to go overwhelmingly Democrat.  If the GOP smashes the monopoly Democrats have on black America, then it is a huge game change.

If Republicans took 50% of the black vote, we would change America.

Barack Obama took 93% of the black vote in 2012.

If Mitt Romney had just split that vote, he would be President today.

E.W. Jackson represents a threat to the left.

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Watch one of his videos below, released during the elections:

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