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 Political Correctness’ War on FUNNY 

Meme Featured on Nick Taxia's FB page -- source of controversy and subject of this column.
Meme Featured on Nick Taxia’s FB page — source of controversy and subject of this column.
The other day I found this photo on Facebook and shared it on my page.   I found it hysterical, and others did, too.  But one of my friends who is Hispanic and will simply go by “R—–” for this piece, objected to it, calling it “really f—ing tacky” and “not (funny) for hispanics. This is beyond P.C.  it’s insensitive, ignorant bull—-.”

Obviously I had to respond to “R—–.”  But the retort was too long to post in the comments section.  Hence, I’m posting it here.  So enjoy, or not:     

Dear “R—–”,

FIRST:  Mexicans do not encompass all of “Hispanics.”   Hispanics are a very large, diverse group of people.  So summing them all up as “Mexicans” is ignorant on your part.   It’s like calling all Asians “Chinese.”   It’s a racial generalization, which in itself is insensitive.

SECOND:  “Hispanic(s)” is no longer used in the popular media, thus culture.  The common term now is Latinos and Latinas.   So your use of such an out-dated term is indicative of perhaps a subconscious disconnect with the “Hispanic” community you may be feeling.  Either way, you need to brush up on today’s popular terminology.

THIRD:  Non-Caucasians also liked this photo, which indicates this joke stretches across ethnic and cultural lines.  

FOURTH:  This joke/stereotype did not come from nowhere.  Stereotypes exist because there is usually a grain of truth to them.  So perhaps addressing the grain that sprouted the stereotypes would be more productive than simply attacking people who point them out.  Mexicans and other “Hispanics” have crossed our southern border illegally for decades.  Every U.S. resident knows this, be they legal or not, Latino or not.   

In effect, if so many Mexicans did not cross the border illegally, then there would not be stereotypes and thus jokes about it, would there?  Truth = stereotype = jokes.   Deal with it.

FIFTH:  As for ethnicity, I would bet my life there are plenty of Hispanics who do and would find this photo’s caption hilarious because (a.) they know a good, legitimate joke when they see one, and (b.) they have a healthy amount of self-deprecation, which is not a show of weakness, but a show of strength and self-confidence.  It may seem initially illogical, but the ability to poke fun at one’s self is the sign of a generally happy, complacent person, comfortable with themselves as a human being, as well as the (___fill in the blank___) group to which they belong.    

Me and Greek jokes, for example: there are endless gay and bestiality jokes about Greeks.  And as a Greek, I laugh my butt off at them!   Why can I laugh at jokes about my ethnicity when you cannot about the National Sport of Mexi….“Hispanics?”    I’m comfortable enough with my own heritage that I can take a poke or two made at its stereotypes. Perhaps this is more of a personal issue with you, “R—–,” and not “R—–” the “Hispanic.”  Perhaps there are some self-esteem issues you are projecting here on a massive, ethnic-wide scale.

SIXTH:   And you know perfectly well that if I were Hispanic you’d have no problem with me posting this photo/joke.  But I guess I’m not the right ethnicity, am I?  Why can’t I point out the same stereotypes and jokes about other ethnicities that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, knows like the back of their hand?  Undoubtedly this a case of discrimination on your part.  How insensitive of you!

SEVENTH:   You proclaimed the photo to be “beyond P.C.” ….Uhh, THAT’S THE POINT!!  That’s why it’s funny.  This is comedy, “R—–”.    And comedy by nature is risky, hence why few people venture into it.  You can’t poke fun at something without risking offending people. The majority of comedy has to do with making the uncomfortable comfortable; discussing uncomfortable facts in ways that makes one comfortable with them –i.e. freaking comedy!   If you don’t want the risks, don’t try to be funny; keep your conversations restricted to “Hello. How ‘bout this weather, huh…?”

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Nick Taxia

Nick Taxia is a former campaign manager and consultant in Washington, D.C. He is the primary writer and producer of the conservative-leaning satirical web site,, as well as a rising radio personality, commentator, and comedian.

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