White Collar Terrorism from the White House? pt 2

Written by David Hiatt on May 13, 2013

MH900289123We know for a fact that President Barack Hussien Obama surrounds himself with Muslim terrorists and those that have Marxist ideologies.  In my last column, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder and those belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood were identified as radical extremist.  If one would examine Obama’s entire staff, including his communistic style Czars in his regime, discovery of each individual would present the sick and twisted dogma that reins throughout the House of ill repute.  I believe this House of deceivers, thieves and traitors was constructed by design to transform the United States of America, OUR CONSTITUTIOINAL REPUBLIC, into one Totalitarian State that desires the elimination of all Freedoms, Christianity and the free market system.

There are two types of terrorists, each being guilty of high crimes.  The blue collar terrorists are the field operatives that are on the ground recruiting, training and possibly ending their life by a suicidal act to promote a cause.  Not all terrorist acts are inclusive of suicide.  

The white collar terrorist is an individual that promotes the cause by means of raising or contributing monies and planning or enabling an attack to happen.  Normally these white collar terrorists can be found inside governments or having a close connection to leadership within a state.  As in any business or military structure, there are many different levels of authority.

By nature, the Progressive Liberals increase citizen’s taxes to fulfill their addiction to spending us into oblivion.  Trillions of dollars have been put into schemes such as the nationalization of the Automobile industry, the Student Loan Institution, the Health Care industry all of which will be finalized in a disastrous failure.  Obama also made a dim witted attempt to get his fingers, via the taxpayer, into renewable energy by squandering billions into failing companies.  

When and if the Amnesty Bill makes it through the house, another 6.3 trillion can be added on top of our deficit.    Bambi and his regime have also lowered the bar to become part of the poverty level which in return allows more citizens, and even illegals, to become entitlement recipients.  While sending our nation’s wealth into a swift downward spiral, Obama has bought off a significant percentage of low information voters that are dependent on the government.  Statists and terrorism go hand in hand and if there is such an animal as “financial terrorist“, Obama has successfully become the greatest in history.

The American free market economy has allowed our Great Nation to create the strongest military in the World.  When our economy is weakened or destroyed, our military strength is diminished as well as the American way of life as we have known it. Without a resilient military on the home front and effective border security, the gates to our nation are open to enable increased terrorist activity. Upon examination of the Obama Presidency, one will not only see a diminishing economy but a President that encourages and strengthens our terrorist enemies through monetary aid, weapons assistance and dereliction of duty.

Starting in October, 2009, “Fast and Furious”, not to be confused with “Operation Wide Receiver”, was one of the first instances of the Obama administration giving assistance indirectly to our enemies across the southern border.  Semi-automatic weapons were placed in the hands of Mexico’s drug cartel.  Mexico’s drug traffickers consist of a blood thirsty gang called the Zetas.  In the past decade, the dreadful Zetas have banned together with the dominant Middle East terrorist group called Hezbollah that shares terrorism on both sides of the border equitably.  More recently, members of the Taliban and al-Qaeda have been stopped from entering the United States.

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David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.