Get A Room, People! – What Is Acceptable?

Fifth-Wheel-Public-Displays-of-AffectionSince the 1960’s, there has been a moral shift in what is acceptable in the public and what is not.

Things that were boldly done in public back then, without any stigma have since become disreputable, and publicly frowned upon.  Things that were embarrassing and disgraceful then have become commonplace.

It has gone so far as to say that even the discretion that once reserved certain expressions of affection for moments of private intimacy has been exchanged for an arrogant boldness that assumes not only that a person is free to do those things publicly, but also that others should be obligated to appreciate such public displays.

Somewhere in that time, religious expression has become wicked, and promiscuity has become a virtue.

Jonathon Van Maren explains a little about that change in his article, “Sex Outside the Bedrooms of the Nation

Wes Walker

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