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Was the Constitution Pro-Slavery?

imagesThose who would gladly discard the Constitution and start over sometimes justify their position by describing it as a pro-slavery document written by racists.

This is strong and damning language, if it is true.  But if it isn’t true, they are lying for personal political gain.

Good news.  This article gives reasons why the Constitution does not condone slavery.

“Abraham Lincoln … revered the Constitution and said that the fact that it nowhere mentioned the words “slavery,” “slave,” “African,” or “Negro” was a silent but powerful admission that the Founders were ashamed of the existence of slavery among them.  They hid it away, Lincoln said, as “an afflicted man hides a wen or tumor.”

Abolitionist editor and orator Frederick Douglass also did not agree.  He emphasized eloquently that not one word would have to be changed in the Constitution if only the states would follow George Washington’s example and voluntarily give up slavery.”

(and later)

“It is especially galling to have liberals attack Republican members on these matters.  They forget that it was Republicans who gave us the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments — those great guarantees of civil rights.  Every vote cast against those amendments was cast by a Democrat.  It was Republicans who passed the first anti-lynching bill in the House — in 1922.  Those bills were routinely killed by Senate Democrats until 1957.”

The American Thinker has the rest of the article.

Wes Walker

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