Half Century Dingell: Part of the Problem

Published on June 11, 2013

by Ron Collins
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

John_D_Dingel&JfkThis past week, the media, along with Preezy 0bama, celebrated the longest sitting congressional member John Dingell for his 57 years of service. John ran in a special election held in 1955 after his father, who held the seat, died. He subsequently has been reelected 29 times. Between John Sr. and Jr. they have a combined 80 years in congress — John Jr. himself with over half a century to affect change “for the people”; and I would argue he’s done more harm than good in that time.

Dingell cites his single most important vote was cast in favor of the 1964 Voting Rights Act. This was a great and noble deed and no sane person would argue differently. However, this took place within the first 9 years of his occupation in the swamp and he essentially used the last 48 years to screw things up. Other accomplishments Dingell cites are his works on Medicare, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts and recently the “yes” vote for the Affordable Care Act.

The Heritage Foundation’s assessment of Medicare concludes with a bleak future for Seniors and current taxpayers. The Clean Air and Water Act that was passed in 1972, was convoluted to lead the charge against impending environmental disasters. It was a successful back door to bigger government and more regulation on business that produce pollutants. Obamacare is possibly the worst piece of legislation in my lifetime that no one but Congress wants. By wanting, I mean Congress wants you and me to have this glorious pile of crap while leaving them exempt.

Medicare is unsustainable and helping to fast track us into insolvency. The EPA is a joke and no one wants Obamacare.

Effectively, the greatest things Dingell can cite about his service in congress are laws that restrict our rights and strip our liberties while giving more power to the government. I can see why Obama would love and praise him. Of course big government GWB praised him too.

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