Half Century Dingell: Part of the Problem

Published on June 11, 2013

A few articles sing his praises for bringing to light the $600 toilet seat military expenditures during the Reagan Era. You’ll get no argument from Conservatives no matter where the waste cutting comes in, but these entrenched pols seem to only find the waste when waste is pertinent to their credo. It is absurd to tout the light shedding three decades ago when our bureaucracy has only grown more absurd, irreverent and overbearing.

While parts of Dingell’s district have seen unemployment numbers fall at the expense of taxpayer funded public sector jobs, other parts of Detroit and Dearborn continue to slide closer to double digit unemployment. For almost 60 years, 80 including his father, you would think the liberal utopia would have taken root and produced some hard evidence to the wonders and glories of big government. It has not.

I know, facts are hard and math is harder but, when it’s all tallied up, history shows a liberal utopia cannot exist. The Dingell family has been in charge of policy-making for almost a century in that part of the planet and no one is trying to move there. One begins to wonder who the simple folk are that keep voting for the failed politicians such as the Dingells. The Detroit Literacy Coalition sheds some light by stating that 47% of Detroit is functionally illiterate. I’d wager they have no problems using their Obamaphones.

Image: Rep. John Dingell with President John F. Kennedy; date: circa 1961-1963; public domain

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