Pragmatism Pounds Principle — & Leads to Immigration Reform Standoff

Written by Wes Walker on June 28, 2013

Is this an outrageous example of racist policy?  If you think so, you need to direct your angry letters to Mexico City, because the people being held — and likely deported — are Cuban citizens seeking refuge in the USA.  But Mexico has a policy against Cubans using their sovereign nation as a backdoor to the American Dream. Thus, they have an agreement with Cuba to deport people found trying to do just that.

So is it ideologically consistent for Mexico to deport Cuban migrants “yearning to breathe free”, at the same time as they criticize American policy for securing its own borders?  Is it possible that something other than racism motivates border security concerns?

Instead of making it easier for those who cheat the system, how about making it easier for those who don’t? Years ago, I personally visited the US as a student, and there was to be a one-year work visa when classes were finished.  The paperwork had to go through the hands of one specific official who proved herself spectacularly incompetent.  I did everything I was supposed to, but still found myself in a nightmare scenario with no legal recourse, and needed to dramatically change my plans on short notice.  And yet, people who knowingly flaunt the law are to be rewarded.  Disgraceful.

Maybe, instead of forging ahead in the direction the “Gang of Eight” is going, you should take a look at reforms the Canadian government is quietly making to immigration policy.  Current Minister Jason Kenny is dramatically reforming an Immigration system that was once disastrous.  With a number of intentional and specific changes, he is gradually shaping it into something that welcomes honest immigrants coming in the legal way, and deters those who try to cheat the system.  

And while they’re at it, our politicians should trade in their weathervanes.  Maybe for a compass. Or a carpenter’s square.

Image: From; author: Callum Black; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Topics: Immigration reform, principle, Mexican immigration policy, Canadian immigration reform

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