Run, Hillary, Run! — Obama Redux?

Written by Allan Erickson on June 1, 2013

Barack_Obama_and_Hillary_Clinton_in_the_Oval_OfficeIf you liked BHO, you’ll love HRC.

Let’s just assume for the moment Hillary survives the Benghazi atrocity even though she is largely responsible, and, she no doubt committed criminal acts before, during and after that shameful tragedy.

Further, let’s assume the conventional wisdom holds, that she is hell-bent on running for President in 2016.

The question becomes two-fold: will the voters allow themselves to be fooled, again, and will Republicans continue the lose-lose strategy of the silent, toothless snarl?

We were foolish enough to elect a man of low character, lower experience and lower capability, twice.

Will we be three times foolish electing a woman who holds the same political and social beliefs, one with lower character, comparable experience and questionable capability?

For the sake of argument, let’s give Hillary the experience qualifier.  Yes, she was Secretary of State for four years, and a senator from New York, and First Lady for eight years.  One might ask about her accomplishments in the last 30 years, having a great deal of trouble pointing to any worth mention, but let’s be charitable and say she is qualified to be President from the experience point of view.

That leaves character and capability.

Even though she knows how to get elected and appointed, and even though she knows how to marry power and defend adultery, it is doubtful she is capable of governing.  Her management of State was poor, and her performance serving New Yorkers was comparable.  She has a reputation for cussing out underlings and treating perceived adversaries with grim disdain, even aggression, so it is unlikely she’ll do any better than Barack forming coalitions through compromise, crucial to avoiding gridlock.  Governing is not her strong suit: her only “progressive” feature, personal ambition.

Perhaps most important to anyone considering a potential President: character.  Ironically, HRC accused BHO of have serious character flaws when they faced off in the primaries and the election cycle in 2007-08.   Compounding the irony: both are disciples of Saul Alinsky, the most immoral, anti-American radical ever to influence a generation of American youth.  For Saul, HRC and BHO there is only one fight with three goals: destroy capitalism, bring down the U.S., establish global secular socialism.

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Allan Erickson
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