Run, Hillary, Run! — Obama Redux?

Written by Allan Erickson on June 1, 2013

We’ve already seen what happens when you empower that kind of thinking.  Marxists operate according to the hallucination that human reason, rightly applied, perfects people, helping them liberate their essential goodness to achieve selflessness, all this combining to usher forward peace and justice; good intentions paving the road to utopia, and all that rubbish.  

Marxism is an extraordinarily expensive proposition that routinely ends in multiplied miseries simply because it is based on a false premise.  The politics of power and conflict crucial to the spread of Marxism and endorsed by HRC, BHO and Saul, prove they have built their house on sand, for only the false prophet claims affection for harmonious volunteerism with a bayonet at the ready, the final proof coming with blood.

Yes, we could rightly criticize HRC, pointing out she was dismissed as a young lawyer from further participation in prosecuting Watergate because she was found a liar without ethics.

We could run down the long list of events pointing to her Alinsky-like lack of character for wont of a moral compass, not the least of which, her complete betrayal of women’s rights acting in defense of her husband only to preserve her link to power. But none of it compares to the vicious side of her politics and the fact she speaks goodwill while holding a poison dart behind her back.

If we are to prevent a BHO redux, Republicans and others will have to aggressively inform voters that a vote for HRC is regressive, it is a vote for BHO and Alinsky, and therefore a vote for the destruction of the country.  The other side of the coin will be fielding a true-blue American patriot who can inspire a revival of Americanism to defeat Marxism once and for all.

Image: President Barack Obama and sec. of State Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office; source: White House (Pete Souza)
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Allan Erickson
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