Serious Question: How Does Obama Still Have Any Supporters?

Published on June 19, 2013

The Obama administration has raised the bar for political scandals. I can only hope that future pundits will look back and compare future political scandals not to Watergate, but to Obama’s NSA or IRS scandal with the same vitriol and stigmatization that has carried with Nixon’s infamous scandal.

I encourage any readers with friends or family that supported Obama while running for office five years ago, if and how they still support the President today. If anyone gets a good answer, please let me know. Perhaps it is myopia on my end, but I honestly can’t fathom how anyone with any semblance of principals still can.

P KaneFollow the author, Patrick Kane, at Patrick is a political activist based out of Boulder Colorado. He is currently employed by several of Colorado’s preeminent think tanks and has worked in the liberty movement since he was fourteen. An aspiring writer, Patrick currently writes for Girls Just Want To Have Guns and Complete Colorado Page Two.

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